Perfect Shoes for Florida Winters

| March 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

My family lives in southwest Florida, where the three seasons are warm (also known as snowbird season), hot, and sweltering-and-rainy. The climate may be warmer than where you live, and chances are, unless you live on a tropical island, it’s also much more casual. I don’t think my kids wore shoes until they were at least two years old; there was just no need. Now we wear flip-flops approximately 345 days per year (yes, even to church). Usually we do get a bit of a “cold snap,” which your Northerners will roll your eyes and laugh about… the mercury may dip into the 50s for two or three days at a time. Once or twice per year, there is even frost on the ground when we wake up (if we’re up early, before the sun rises and melts it all away)!

On those days, we can’t wear sandals. Occasionally my kids will wear Crocs, but particularly when the grass is damp, their feet get all wet, plus Crocs can be slippery. Since we don’t tend to wear socks, we needed a casual shoe that was comfortable with otherwise bare feet, and that looked good with jeans.

I was strolling through some shops in Central Florida, and I happened across a kiosk selling TOMS shoes. You’ve probably heard of them; they’re famous for their give a pair, get a pair promotion. For every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a pair to a needy individual in another country. I’ve had TOMS shoes in the past, so I already knew that they were comfortable and well-made… it just hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be perfect for the Florida winters! They’re non-skid, and can be worn without socks. Best of all, they’re casual enough to slip on with a pair of jeans, which is basically what we wear throughout the winter here.

Instead of buying them there, I decided to order them online from home, because I knew that I would be able to use a TOMS coupon code to save some money. Sure enough, when I checked, I found $5 off our TOMS Coupons which can save you as much as $5.00 off with TOMS coupon. The deals change frequently, though, so if you check it out, you might get a different deal.

You can wear these shoes year-round, so they’re probably going to be more appropriate for a spring or fall shoe if you live where it snows from December through March. For Floridians, though, they’re the perfect substitute for flip-flops during the warm months of winter!

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