New TOMS Holiday Collection Catalog #TOMS

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New for 2011 TOMS Holiday Collection Catalog

Are you ready to flash some holiday spirit with your TOMS footwear? The Wool Herringbone Classics come in TOMS iconic design in five colors: oatmeal, pink pop, teal pop, yellow pop, and chocolate. The Wool Herringbone retails for USD 54. Another must have this holiday season is the TOMS Classics. For only USD 44, you can have the classic, comfortable TOMS footwear in any of the following colors: red, ash, white, chocolate, black, navy, olive, or natural. Wool Cordones are also available for USD 69. They warm your feet and make for a great fashion statement. You can purchase the TOMS Wool Cordones with or without laces and in red, camel, or teal.

If you’re feeling up for bolder patterns, try the Houndstooth Classics. For USD 54, you can have a TOMS Houndstooth Classics in red, silver, or purple. If you’re still into the traditional rope soles, on the other hand, go for the University Classics. It is available in red, navy, black, and ash. There is so much to choose from in the TOMS Shoes Holiday Collection.

For the more fashionista TOMS wearer, the Holiday Wedges can definitely spruce up your outfits. The hedges have bolder styles this season. All priced USD 69, the Holiday Wedges are available in sherry cord, scottish houndstooth, snow leopard, black velvet, or brown houndstooth. The versatile laced shoes, or Cordones, are also available this coming holiday. For USD 69, get one for yourself or give it as a gift! Cordones are available in camel wool, red wool, teal wool, black woven metallic, or brown woven metallic designs. Stone washed corduroy classics are also available in store! Get a classic pair in sherry, teal, red, or black all for a low price of USD 54.

Some shiny designs this season come in the Sequins Collection. These are dazzling TOMS in either Cordones, Classics, or Wedges designs. The colors available are black and pewter. Cordones, under the Sequins Collection, are priced at USD 79. Sequined classics are available for USD 59 while wedges are priced at USD 89.

If you want some footwear with edge this Holiday season, check out the Desert Botas collection. Try the Aztec silver canvas for USD 68, and the suede styles in black, grey, or khaki all priced at USD 68. Glittered TOMS are definitely in this holiday season! Mother and daughter pairs would look absolutely adorable if they wore matching Glittered TOMS. For women’s sizes, glittered TOMs are available for USD 54 in pink, black, and silver colors. For kids, there are more colors to choose from. There’s black, pink, gold, silver, red, and turquoise. Youth sizes cost USD 42 while Tiny TOMS are priced at only USD 34.

There are a lot of new designs for kids this season. From Hand Drawn Dots Classics to Blue Plaid Youth Classics, your kids are sure to feel super comfy when walking around in their fashionable TOMS footwear. Little girls will definitely enjoy the Butterfly classics. Available in either silver or purple, the TOMS Butterfly designs retail for a price range of USD 29 to USD 38 only. For the boys, the Giraffe Classics could be quite a hit.

I am off to shop from the TOMS Holiday Collection and don’t forget to use one of our TOMS Coupons to help save you at least some money offer your purchase or free shipping. Gifts for the Family! TOMS Wrap Boots for Women. TOMS has created a new online holiday catalog for 2011. I have had so much picking out new TOMS styles to give as a gift!

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