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TOMS Vegan ShoesWhat did Earth Day April 22, 2012 mean to you? Do you and your family observe this celebration of the fragility and importance of our earth? Earth Day is a day for making ourselves and our families more aware of the issues surrounding pollution, climate change, endangered plants and animals and other issues that will make a difference to our planet’s future.

One way that I’ve found that I can provide my family with earth-friendly footwear is to use TOMS coupons. When I buy TOMS shoes, I’m not only purchasing comfortable, quality shoes, but I’m also contributing to the care and well-being of my less-fortunate neighbors from all over the world, and helping to make the world just a little bit more friendly to the environment as a whole.

TOMS uses earth- and animal-friendly products whenever possible. This means that they choose plant-based products over animal-based products in most of their footwear. Even better, they offer a line of vegan shoes for those who do not want to wear shoes with any animal by-products whatsoever. These shoes are also really cute and go well with jeans, denim skirts, capris or shorts, and can be worn with or without socks. Are you wearing the most Earth Friendly shoes there are? How are they Earth Friendly shoes? TOMS Shoes are made from recycled and sustainable materials. If that was not enough, TOMS are made from 100% organic cotton which is pesticide free. And last but not least TOMS contain no animal by-products or products tested on animals. Do you have TOMS Shoes? If you don’t we have TOMS Shoes Coupons that can save you money off your purchase!

You probably already know about TOMS One for One Movement, which means that every time you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, this amazing company donates shoes to a child in need. When children in some parts of the world get a pair of shoes, this opens up opportunities that they’ve never had: namely, the chance to go to school. Education is so important in teaching people, children and adults, about the necessity of keeping our earth in good condition for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and for all of those who will come after.

For all of these reasons, buying from TOMS shoes is truly an earth-friendly way to observe Earth Day 2012. Let this become a new Earth Day tradition in your family! A pair of shoes for each family member, plus that number of free pairs of shoes for disadvantaged children. Use a TOMS coupon code to save a bit of money on high-quality footwear while contributing to a good cause!

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