TOMS for Kids Fall Collection

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TOMS Shoes fall collection for kids is available now! TOMS was founded of the premise of helping children that are less fortunate so what a perfect match for kids. TOMS for kids fall collection has many new selections of TOMS Shoes that are perfect for keeping the kids feet warm thanks to TOMS new styles. TOMS Fall Collection for Kids is dedicated to the teachers and mentors or inspire us to change the world and what a perfect example to show our children!

The fall collection for Kids, TOMS Shoes is new and improved for this year. TOMS Shoes for Kids made some exciting new editions for fall and offer a huge variety to please the pickiest of shoppers. Fortunately, TOMS Shoes creates seasonal collection year round so we always have a new season to look forward to. TOMS for Kids Fall Collection will not be around long so make sure you don’t miss your change to get a pair of TOMS from this Fall Collection. TOMS One for One movement so, for every pair of shoes you purchase from TOMS Shoes, a new pair is given to a child in need. TOMS started as a simple project to help get a small group of kids in Argentina get new pairs of shoes in 2006. TOMS seeks for us all to inspire one another to do more. Have your kids help other kids by buying them a pair from the TOMS for Kids Fall Collection by TOMS Shoes.

Here are all the new TOMS Shoes that are part of the TOMS fall collection that are available for kids.

TOMS Shoes for Youth

TOMS Shoes Fall Collection for Kids and Youth Styles

  • TOMS Shoes youth redPeace Youth Classics for Kids – peace sign made of colorful animals for girls
  • Flags Youth Classics for Girls and Boys
  • Teal Cord Youth Classics
  • Pink Cord Youth Classics
  • GoldenRod Cord Youth Classics
  • Crimson Code Youth Classics
  • Metallic Tweed Youth Classics
  • Graph Print Youth Classics
  • Hand Drawn Plaid Youth Vegan Classics
  • Dare to Teach Youth Vegan Classics
  • Calculus 101 Youth Vegan Classics
  • Chocolate Cord Youth Cordones for Boys
  • Navy Cord Youth Cordones

TOMS Shoes Fall Collection of Toddlers and Babies – Tiny TOMS

  • Chocolate Cord Tiny TOMS Cordones for Boys
  • Navy Cord Tiny TOMS Cordones
  • Pink Cord Tiny TOMS Classics
  • GoldenRod Cord Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Crimson Cord Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Teal Cord Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Hand Drawn Plaid Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics
  • Pink Dare to Teach Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics
  • Red Calculus 101 Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics
  • Graph Print Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Purple Flying Machines Tiny TOMS Vegan
  • Metallic Tweed Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Black Flying Machines Tiny TOMS Vegan
  • Peace Tiny TOMS Classics for Kids
  • Floral Tiny TOMS Classics
  • Flags Tiny TOMS Classics

Now that you have discovered the TOMS Fall collection for Kids you see that it is dedicated to teachers and mentors who help inspire us. Shop for Kids fall shoes at TOMS Shoes – the fall collection is going fast.

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