Back to School With TOMS Shoes

| August 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

TOMS Shoes & EyewearThe kids are getting back to school now, and it’s time for back-to-school shoe shopping. At my kids’ school, the rule is that all toes and heels have to be covered, and that no characters are allowed. Because we live in Florida, we wear sandals year-round. Your kids have probably gotten accustomed to wearing flip-flops or sandals all summer, too, so this sudden switch to real shoes is usually a bit of a struggle!

The good news is that TOMS Shoes are super comfortable and easy to get kids to wear. Each of my kids has a couple of pairs, and they are stress-free shoes to wear when flip-flop season comes to an end. They can wear them with socks or without, and they come with or without laces. While my son is too cool for any type of patterns on his shoes and prefers his TOMS Classics in black, I did recently buy him a pair in Blue Palmetto. My glitz-and-glamour daughter, on the other hand is a fan of the Glitters, and shows off in both red and silver. She also has a pair of Pink Biminis, which are casual enough to wear to the playground.

One of the best things about buying TOMS Shoes is that when you buy your own child a pair of school shoes, you’re providing a pair of shoes to a disadvantaged child, so that he or she can go to school as well. In many places, kids aren’t allowed to attend school if they don’t wear shoes; imagine being the parent of a child who wants to go to school, but can’t for lack of footwear! With TOMS One for One Movement, kids all over the world are receiving pairs of plain black shoes that are suitable for work, play and, most importantly, school! These shoes are truly a hand up, because if kids can go to school, they can receive the education necessary to help them lift themselves out of poverty in the future.

With all of the expenses centered on shopping for back to school supplies, clothing and shoes, we know that you appreciate the chance to save money wherever you can. So before you place your order, check out our selection of TOMS coupons; we update them regularly, so be sure to stop back frequently. To use your TOMS coupon code, just click on it and copy and paste the code that comes up in the applicable spot on the order form. Easy peasy, so you’re not only getting great shoes for back to school, but you’re also helping a child elsewhere in the world to attend school and saving a few dollars, besides.

Shopaholic Mommy wishes your children the best of luck as they return to school this fall!

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