TOMS Shoes Spring Collection

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We are so excited to get to be one of the first to see the new TOMS Spring Shoe Collection. Just recently TOMS debuted their TOMS Ballet Flats as part of the TOMS Spring Collection! The Toms Ballet Flat Shoes are causing quite a bit of commotion in the fashion industry. Major fashion houses and department stores are very excited to see TOMS Shoes go outside of the box and create such and upscale shoe! Now, the rest of the TOMS Shoes Spring collection is available! Remember that all of the TOMS Coupons we offer are available for more money off your purchase and you support TOMS one for one.

Last year if you remember the TOMS shoes spring collection honored and reflected Dan Eldon safari photojournalism style. He was working to make the world a better place just like TOMS shoes is. This year TOMS Shoes Spring has a light airy color pattern and amazing fabric style choices.

Lets start with what the New TOMS Shoes for Women – Toms Spring Collection

TOMS Shoes spring collection– Corbel Women’s Vegan Classics – adorable bright floral colors gone vegan $54
– TOMS Burlap Floral Women’s Classics $58
– Pink Primrose Women’s Vegan Classics $54
– Crochet Women’s Classics available in Fuschia and Silver $58
– Toms Blue Canvas Women’s Classics $44 – this shoe is an Online Exclusive so get them while they last!
– Metallic Linen TOMS Women’s Classics available in two colors Mint and Cream $48
– TOMS Freetown Women’s Classics available in Yellow, Navy, Black and Fuschia $54
– TOMS Corry Women’s Vegan Classics $54
– TOMS Palmetto Women’s Classics in Yellow, Blue and Purple $54
– TOMS Women’s Botas are available in Ash Maudie and Rose Maudie for Spring $89
– TOMS Women’s Desert Boots available in three colors Sand Alarco, Lilac Wisett and Navy Wisett $69
– TOMS Wedges for Women are available in Corbel pattern and Lina pattern $69
– TOMS Wedges for Women available in Blue and Yellow Savannah $79
– TOMS Burlap Bimini Stichouts $59
– TOMS Women’s Bimini Stitchouts in Purple, Green and Blue $59
– TOMS J Marro Red Women’s Classics $54
– Pink Let Love Rule Women’s Vegan Classics $54
– TOMS Cordones for Women available in three colors Bloom, Ash Maudie,$74
– TOMS Ceara Women’s Cordones in Pink and Blue $74
– TOMS Women’s Going Without V-Neck T-shirt $28
– TOMS Women’s One Day Gym Shirt $28

New TOMS Shoes for Men – Toms Spring Collection 2012

TOMS Shoes Spring Collection– TOMS Freetown Classics in Navy, Black and Red $54
– TOMS Ash Canvas Men’s Gabriel Lacktman Skull & Crossbones Classics
– TOMS Navy Canvas Men’s Gabriel Lacktman Nautical Classics
– Lucas Men’s Vegan Classics $54
– Ade Men’s Vagan Classics
– TOMS Sand Bimini Men’s Stichouts $64
– TOMS Tan Marquez Men’s Cordones $79
– TOMS Navy Marquez Men’s Cordones $79
– TOMS Black Marquez Men’s Cordones $79
– TOMS Bastien Men’s Desert Botas in Navy and Tan $64
– TOMS Desert Botas in Grey Canvas $67
– TOMS Desert Botas in Chambray Alarco and Essien $69
– TOMS Brome Ridge Men’s Botas in Tan and Blue $89
– TOMS Highland Burlap Men’s Botas $79
– TOMS Apparel Men’s One Day Gym Shirt $28
– TOMS Apparel Unisex Barefoot Rally Tee $32
– TOMS Apparel Unisex One World Tee $32

New TOMS Shoes for Kids – Toms Spring Collection 2012

TOMS Shoes Spring Collection– Amelie Tiny Toms Vegan Classics $29
– Iken Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics $29
– Cruz Tiny Toms Classics $29
– Blue Clea Tiny Toms Vegan Classics $29
– Marley Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics $29
– Dimas Tiny Toms Classics $29
– Ema Tiny Toms Classics $29
– Black Roque Tiny Toms Vegan Classics $29
– Natural Roque Tiny Toms Vegan Classics $29
– Tiny TOMS Natural Burlp Bimini Classics $29
– Tiny TOMS Cordones $34 five color choices Black, Navy and Ash
– Tiny TOMS Botas $36 four color choices Marley, Navy, Ash and Black Canvas

– Marley TOMS Youth Classics $38
– Dimas TOMS Youth Classics $38
– Blue Clea TOMS Youth Vegan Classics $28
TOMS Shoes Spring Collection– Dimas Toms Classics $38
– Ema Toms Classics $38
– Amelie Toms Vegan Classics $38
– Iken TOMS Vegan Classics $38
– Cruz TOMS Youth Classics $38
– Natural and Roque TOMS Youth Vegan Classics $38
– TOMS Natural Burlap Bimini Youth Classics $38
– TOMS Youth Cordones $42 in Burlap, Black, Navy and Ash
– TOMS Youth Botas $44 four color choices Marley, Navy, Ash and Black Canvas

We have a TOMS Coupon Code for you that will save you at least five dollars off your TOMS Spring Collection purchase!


TOMS Shoes Spring Collection

We love TOMS Shoes and we hope to get the word out about TOMS One for One Movement. Find out what the TOMS Shoes model is all about. Along with the TOMS Shoes spring collection is also the limited edition TOMS for Moms as well as the TOMS for prom so don’t forget to check it all out. So what are you waiting for – TOMS Shoes Spring collection will not be around forever. And before you go we have coupons for Toms so that you can save some money of your TOMS Shoes. TOMS Shoes Coupons are the only way to shop!

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  1. ellyfilho says:

    These shoes are very popular huh? are they super comfortable?
    I must try a pair 🙂

  2. Elaine Bell says:

    These shoes look so comfortable, but the prices seem high to me.

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