One Year Supply of Tide Laundry Detergent

| March 28, 2012 | 10 Comments

Year supply of tideLaundry is not on of my favorite things but it is something that we all must do. Along with the price of everything, detergent is costly. We have joined in a giveaway for you with Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom and many other bloggers to bring 1 lucky winner a year’s supply of Tide laundry detergent. Just think of what not having to buy laundry detergent for a year would do to your budget!  Good luck!

This Giveaway starts March 28th and runs Till April 9, 2012 !

*This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest in any way. You must be 18 years old to enter and win. The prize will be shipped to U.S. addresses only.


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Comments (10)

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  1. Jodie says:

    I think the last time I saw the bottom of our laundry basket the kids were out taking our pet dinosaur out for a walk 🙂

  2. Stefanie Broughton says:

    Just saw the bottom tonight! Wooohoo

  3. jennifer reynoldso says:

    I love Tide! I haven’t seen the bottom of my laundry basket in the past five years with having three little ones at home lol.

  4. Masooma says:

    Not since I had my second child lol!!!

  5. Katy says:

    Ha! I haven’t seen the bottom of all the laundry baskets simultaneously since, oh, 2008?!

  6. Addison Kat says:

    The last time I saw the bottom of my dirty clothes basket was earlier today! I just finished 5 loads of laundry – go me!

  7. Crissy D. says:

    I see it every day because I do laundry everyday! Ugh!

  8. Florianne says:

    Tide 😀 my favorite laundry detergent! ^_^

  9. Florianne says:

    The last time I saw the bottom of my dirty clothes basket is today 😀

  10. Vivian says:

    I love Tide but im retired and live on my social security so I CANT AFFORD TO BUY TIDE. I love to see how clean my clothes are after I Wash them in Tide.

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