Spring Birthday Party Ideas

| April 3, 2022 | 5 Comments

148338698Do you have a birthday boy or girl during the spring months of April or May? If you don’t live in a southern state, it’s not warm enough yet for a pool party, but it’s most likely nice enough to have a party in your backyard or at the local park! Of course, you’ll need to have a contingency plan if the day turns out to be stormy, as springtime showers are frequent this time of year. There are several springtime themes that lend themselves well to a garden party in the spring. Here are a few ideas for your spring birthday boy or girl:

  • Ladybug Party  There are a few types of insects that tend not to give kids the heebie jeebies, and ladybugs are one of them. They’re small, shiny and non-threatening; they don’t tend to fly into your hair like some other types of beetles. A ladybug party theme would be great for a younger child. Provide oval-shaped rocks and red and black paint for your party guests to make ladybug paperweights as one of the activities. Or you could read Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug. Serve cupcakes iced with red frosting; you could give out brown m&ms or chocolate chips to let your young guests decorate their cupcakes with as many “spots” as they’d like. Serve other red and black foods, such as strawberries, Oreos and red apples. You could use some leftover red Easter dye to color hard boiled eggs red, and put a few black circular stickers on them as decorations.

  • Flower Party  Any little girl would probably love to have a flower-themed party. Flowers come in so many different varieties that it would be easy to incorporate her favorite colors into any floral theme. Give each young guest a small terracotta pot to paint or decorate with stickers, then let her fill it with potting soil and plant a sunflower or marigold seed to grow. You can probably find a flower-shaped pinata at a party store. Alternatively, you could make one by covering a round balloon with paper mache, then gluing on paper “petals.” Serve a cake or cupcakes with flower motifs, along with sandwiches and fruit cut into flower shapes (use a cookie cutter).

  • Spring Picnic  This would work well if you don’t want to have the party at your house. Pack up a large blanket (or several of them, depending on how many guests you’re having!) and a few picnic baskets filled with picnic foods like sandwiches, fried chicken, pasta salad, cookies, fresh fruit and potato chips. Bring along bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a frisbee and other outdoor games to keep your guests entertained. A fun craft for this type of party would be foam visors that they could decorate with stickers and then wear to keep the sun out of their eyes!


Do you have a springtime birthday child? What type of party will you be having?

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  1. Wanda Tracey says:

    I love your ideas on what to plan for a spring birthday party.I had two babies born in March and one in May.By the time the May birthday came along we were all dying to get outside and praying it wouldn,t rain.LOL

  2. veronica lee says:

    These are fabulous ideas especially the flower-themed party! There are so many possibilities and with Pinterest for inspiration, you just can’t go wrong!

  3. Venus F. says:

    Love the ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Venus F. says:

    love the flower one 🙂

  5. C. Smith says:

    My daughter is born in April. We are doing an English tea party. Since her birthday is close to Earth day we are eating in doors, but playing out doors. We are decorating hats from the dollar store, with dollar store flowers. We are planting flowers in dollar store pots and covering them with stickers left over from my stash. We are doing glitter tattoos and we are playing a game outside kind of like a ring toss. You tie ribbons around a cross stitch ring and toss it to your partner who holds to wooden rods (or sticks if you are really cheap). The group that makes the most catches wins. For food we are making traditional tea foods. I will have tea sandwiches, mini scones, sugar cookies in the shape of tea pots. I’m making pudding cups in mini eatable tea cups (they are ice-cream cones cut and stuck on sugar cookies). We are really excited. I planned to eat outside too, but it will be in the low 60’s here and I don’t think anyone wants to eat in the cold.

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