What to Shop for in March

| March 2, 2012 | 1 Comment

Walking in the mallIt’s been a couple of months since the December holidays, and by now you’re probably back on track, financially speaking, and read to get back to shopping the sales. You already know that school supplies go on sale in July, and that whites go on sale in January. What can you look for this time of year to get the most bang for your buck? Here’s what goes on sale in March:

  • Winter clothing. Spring is just about here, and the stores are clearing out their stock of coats, gloves, boots and other winter gear. Buy coats for next year now! I personally hold off on buying seasonal shoes, because I’ve had both the experience of a kid’s feet growing faster than I’d expected, and that of a kid’s feet not growing as much as I thought they would. If you see a great deal, though, snap them up! If one of your kids can’t wear them, you might be able to give them to a friend or family member.
  • Other winter-only gear. Think about items that you only use when it’s cold and snowy; the stores don’t want to hang onto snow blowers and skis for another year, so they’re deeply discounted. If you know you’ll need these products for next winter, go buy them now!
  • Hearts and chocolate, masks and beads. Valentine’s Day is over, so anything left in the stores that has pictures of Cupid printed on it is likely marked down 50 percent or more. If you’re planning a Mardi Gras celebration for next year, you can go stock up on purple, green and gold decorations for a song. These items are, of course, also great for kids who like to play dress up all year long!
  • Televisions. The Japanese fiscal year ends March 31, and in preparation, many Japanese TV sets will go on sale. Watch the circulars all month long, and buy toward the end of the month, before the new sets come out in April.
  • Perfume and jewelry. Retailers raise perfume and jewelry prices in February in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, and again in May, before Mothers’ Day. Right now, there’s a lull in sales, so prices are usually quite low. If you see something you’d like on sale, grab it! Also, buy Mother’s Day gifts now, while the prices are down, and before the crowds rush in and buy up all of the good stuff.
  • Citrus fruits. It’s the end of the citrus season, and grocery stores and produce markets want to get rid of what they have left so it doesn’t go bad. You should see great prices on end-of-the-season oranges and grapefruits.

By knowing what’s on sale when, you can stretch your dollars as far as they can go!

Have you seen any other great deals in March? Tell us about them!

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