Top Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

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Dad & Son with gadgetsWe are in a bad economy but the tech gadgets are still at the top of everyone’s list. We went to donate for the angel tree at our local mall that helps families in need at Christmas and I was shocked to find how many of these kids were asking for Ipads, XBox 360’s and other expensive toys. I realize there is less money to go around but somehow tech gadgets are still a top seller even though they are costly. We start budgeting for Christmas at about the midpoint of the year to hopefully help curb our expenses and not have to rely on the credit cards. Tech Gadgets are always a favorite in our family so I decided to write a post about what is hot for this year.

Top Tech Game System: The Xbox 360 Kinect is one of the most popular game systems even though it has been out for several years. What makes the Xbox so unique for other game systems is that you are not required to use a controller when physically playing a game. Another cool feature is that the Xbox works like the new Suri personal assistant so you speak to the game system and it loads what you tell it to. I love the commercials where it shows families dancing and playing sports without all those wires getting in the way. In 2012 Xbox is going to be adding a lot of media options to the game system which is making it even more enticing for people to buy. Prices on the Xbox range from $199 to $499 depending on the bundle and size GB you are looking for. Games run about sixty dollars a piece.

Top Tech Tablet: Ipad is the ruler of the tablets. In 2011 many companies tried to create their own version but most are gone out of the spotlight. The Ipad is like most other Apple products, very reliable and the app options are endless. The Kindle Fire is still a very popular gift this season but it will be interesting to see how it does as the year goes on. Top Tech TV’s are those that utilize the wireless streaming capabilities.

Top Tech Laptops: If you area Mac user then the MacBook Air is at the top of your list. Gone are the days of a slow MacBook Air now it has the power you knew it could have! There are two options on screen size 11 and 13 inch depending on what you are looking for and it has close to a five hour battery life. If you are a windows user than the ASUS Ultrabook is fast with a long battery life which is good when you are on the road. The Ultrabook is being marketed as notebook and tablet together. It is Thinner, lighter and as thick as a tablet but has a keyboard built in. It utilizes quick resume and smart connect so it keeps itself up-to-date. Like the Macbook air it offers two different screen sizes also. The MacBook Air 11 inch model retails for $999-$1199 and the 13-inch model retails for $1299-$1599. The ASUS Zenbook 11-inch retails for $999-$1199 and the 13-inch model retails for $1599.

Top Tech Gifts for Kids: For the younger kids the Leappad Explorer is the Ipad tablet for kids. It is one of the hottest toys this season and virtually impossible to find. It retails for $99 and offers my learning games and activities. Vtech and Leapfrog make very solid toys that last from year to year which we know from personal experience! For the older kids game systems are always popular but Ipads and Itouch are still high on the list. If your pre-teens already have a gadget perhaps they need a charging station or mobile speakers for it?

Top Tech gift several years in a row now are Smartphones. It is proven that smartphones are changing the way we shop, dine, and inform ourselves. Think about the list time you were out somewhere, how many people did you see using a smart phone? It is tough to give a Smartphone as a gift because contracts are required so people are buying them for themselves. The Smartphone has replaced other gadgets for me because it serves as my camera, camcorder, navigation device and phone all in one!If you already have a Smartphone and you shop from it, make sure to read our guide for the Best Money Saving Shopping Apps for Smartphones.

How do you feel about this list of Top Tech Gadgets? Are there are Tech Gadgets at the top of your list this year?

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