Tips for Returning Gifts after the holidays

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couple shoppingThe holiday shopping has now come and gone but we have a pile of things that need to be returned. We do not like rushing out right away after the holidays because the crowds are just are big as before the holidays. Holiday shopping can be a joyous event, but there comes a time when some presents need to be returned. There are a number of tips that can facilitate this process, and there are certain requirements that are mandated by most of the larger retailers. Gift owners should ensure that they comply with the demands of local stores to ensure their returns are accomplished with ease. Consumers can take advantage of the policies that are offered at various stores, and this will ensure that their items can be returned for the full purchase price with a minimum amount of hassles and headaches.

There are a number of issues that consumers should be aware of before they attempt to return their unwanted presents. Many electronics will work fine, if consumers talk to a specialist who is knowledgeable about the particular products. Time limitations are also in place at most stores, and buyers should be sure to return their products as soon as possible. Original packaging is another mandatory requirement at most stores, and this will ease the ability of a consumer to return their holiday presents.

*Return Policies.

-Toys-R-Us allows purchases made from their stores to be returned in 90 days as long as the customer has a receipt for the purchase. Online purchases can also be returned to local stores, but all items need to be in their original packaging.

-TOMS-we have had to return a few things and with TOMS you have to remember that all returns have to go back to their California warehouse so returns and exchanges are take three weeks or longer. As long are the TOMS are new and unworn and purchased from you can make returns for up to 90 days.

-Kohl’s provides refunds and exchanges for their goods, and they have a hassle free policy. Consumers do not need a receipt to get a refund or store credit for their purchases.

-Zulily has a return policy that necessitates returns to occur within 14 days. There are some items that are non-returnable. Items that are marked with a Final Sale are not eligible to be returned.

-One Step Ahead allows their products to be returned or exchanged as long as the return occurs within 60 days. After 60 days, One Step Ahead will only offer their customers a store credit.

-Macys is another store that has an easy return policy, and they enable their customers to bring their invoices and products in the original packaging to the store. Some products such as fine jewelry, rugs, lamps and toys can only be returned through the mail, and the consumer is responsible for the shipping and handling fees.

-Kmart offers their customers returns within 28 days of purchase, and they require buyers to bring a receipt with then. The items must also be in resalable condition.

-Wal-Mart will return items for a full refund if the owner has a receipt. Store credits are offered to those who do not have this documentation. Returns must be accomplished within 90 days of purchase, and consumers are limited to three returns in a 45 day period, if they do not have a receipt.

-Target has recently improved their returns policy and offers returns within 90 days. The products have to be new and in the original packaging. Customers are allowed to make an unlimited amount of returns at this retailer.

Christmas is a great time of year for giving and receiving, but there always arises the issue of presents that need to be returned. For this reason, it is essential for buyers and owners to hold on to their receipts. Many times, electronics and computers are best remedied by talking to a specialist who will ensure consumers know how to work the products. Time is of the essence when it comes to returns, and buyers should make sure they are aware of the limitations that are in place at their favorite stores.

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