The Many ways to stay Warm this Winter @TOMS

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TOMS how we wear themThe cooler weather has finally arrived and it feels great! TOMS headquarters updates are great and we get them year-round. This update is “How we wear them” TOMS Winter Edition. In the winter edition of How to wear Toms is a great series because there are versatile styles for the whole family. When you buy TOMS you become part of One for One since every pair you buy another pair goes to someone in need, there is nothing to lose! TOMS is the feel good purchase of the winter! Here are some of the highlights from some fantastic toms shoes/outfit combinations.

Carly has a casual every day look going on. With her nice warm camel sweater, skinny jeans, and small pop of color on her scarf she is wearing a look that is everyday chic. But the real thing that ties her outfit together has got to be the TOMS Shoes Sherry Stone-washed Cords on her feet. They add just right amount of color to an outfit that could otherwise be everyday drab while at the same time keeping toasty warm in the cold winter months. The thicker material of the corduroy helps keep you feel warm no matter what the weather. This just one of the many new styles in the TOMS Shoes Holiday Collection you should check out!

Guys have a totally different style and there’s no doubt about it some people just like boots, and Pete is no different. Whether he is out walking his dog or hanging out with his friends, he always has on his Brown Canvas Desert Botas. With a neutral pair of Khakis, a blue top and black pea coat the Pete is ready to battle the snow. TOMS Desert Botas are build to last and there are sure to get your guy through the winter.

Chris was looking for a versatile pair of shoes, and he found them in the Black Desert Oxfords. With their nude colored base, heavy stitching, and hidden elastic straps so you can wear them without even lacing them up, they are the perfect sturdy shoe for the harsh winter months. TOMS Oxfords are perfect for a quick run to the store or a night out for dinner, that is why TOMS are the perfect shoe any where any time!

Next up is Patrick who wears a casual cool look with the black stone-washed cords as the base. With an elastic v design for easy on and off, an arch insert for added support, and a comfy suede insole for support the stone-washed cords are the perfect every day shoe. Pair them off with your favorite denim, a neutral top and a dark colored vest for a perfect every day look. My guy wore them all around the big city and they offer just enough support and style for the whole day!

Jenni is someone who identifies with the bolder things in life. Between her orange a-line skirt, her diagonally striped top, and her matching scarf she has a look that is runway ready. But her pair of Scottish Houndstooth wedges are what really bring the look together. With a 3 1/4″ inch heel this pair of wedges is versatile enough to go from a day time look at school to a night out on the town. TOMS Wedges are the perfect addition to your closet when you want to add style, comfort and support others in need!

Last but least is Evita who wears an every day look that only her Camel Wool Cordones can tie together. She showcases an effortlessly chic, every day style with some denim jeans, a black pea coat, and a beret that adds the right pop of color. Plus, with the added hidden elastic straps for a secure fit she can quickly hit those cold morning in warmth and style. TOMS Cordones were my first pair of TOMS I ever owned and they got me through all my travels last summer.

Whether your style is more high fashion or casual oriented, there is a pair of TOMS for everyone this season. As a special bonus, ShopaholicMommy offers TOMS Coupons that can save you up to $5 off your purchase as well as up to the minute TOMS news information about TOMS Free Shipping and all things TOMS. Join us in helping others get a pair of TOMS Shoes this winter!

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