New Summer Styles of Shoes and Eyewear

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TOMS Shoes summer exclusivesSummer is here and TOMS has come out with an exclusive range of footwear and eyewear. They bring with it the excitement and fun of the warm, holiday season. With the sun beating down on us in full glory, TOMS exclusives are just what your feet and eyes require. New Styles from TOMS!

TOMS, a company with a pioneering social spirit, does not believe that business is all about profits. It has given the world the path breaking One for One program. For each pair of shoes that you buy, TOMS will give a pair of shoes free to a needy child somewhere in the world. Similarly when you buy TOMS eyewear, TOMS will help needy people with prescription glasses, eye checkups etc., under the Summer of Sight program. This is the cornerstone of TOMS corporate philosophy.

The TOMS exclusive summer wear has taken the world of shoes by storm. Comfort, style, color have all been infused with the fun element by TOMS in their range of exclusives for men, women and children.

For men there are colors which range from light shades to dark. Some of the favorites are Ash Men’s classic and the Hand Painted Ash Men’s Classic. The Ash Men’s Classic denotes comfortable style with a touch of elegance. The hand painted range conveys the significance of summer – a season in the sun filled with fun and frolic.

Other than the Classic range, the new kids on the block are the Botas, Oxfords and Biminis. They have unique styles and have proved to be a hit with the customers. Like all TOMS shoes, they are comfortable, stylish and delightful to wear. They come in a wide range of colors and shades. TOMS men’s shoes cost between $54 and$79.

TOMS shoes exclusives for men are made, depending on the shoe, with burlap, suede or canvas. They have the exclusive TOMS toe-stitch and the elastic V so that the show can be worn or taken off easily. To make it comfortable to wear throughout the day, they have latex arch support and cushioned insole. The outsole is made up of one-piece which makes the shoe flexible and durable. The outsole material permits circulation of air which is important to keep your feet cool and dry. This keeps odors at bay.

The women’s range of exclusives has a wide array of colors, styles and designs. In addition to comfort they give, they have a distinct and fashionable look. These ranges of shoes go well with almost any attire and can be worn in comfort right throughout the day. The fun and comfort element of summer is what this range is about.

The rage of the season is the new Strappy Wedges series. They combine high heels with colorful adjustable straps and this open design is ideal for air circulation but at the same time the colorful straps add a touch of feminine elegance. The heels are slightly less than 4″ in height. These shoes cost $69 per pair.

The other favorite styles are Maya Woven Women’s Classics, Women’s Vegan Classics, Canvas Women’s Classics, Glitter Women’s Classics etc. They come in a wide range of shades and colors with or without designs. The Green Apple and Tangerine do not have designs, but the bright colors captures the mood of the summer season. The women’s shoes with designs on them also look cool and trendy. The entire women’s range emphasizes the femininity of the woman while at the same time gives the impression of the joys of summer.

TOMS has got a delightful range of children’s summer shoes too. In children’s shoes the wide range such as Youth Classics, Youth Cordones and Biminis are all colorful and exciting that match the ‘joie de vivre’ of youthful exuberance. The youngster has a wide range to choose from. They cost between $38 and $42. The “Stars and Strips” Youth Classics are a big hit here at our home and we will proudly be wearing them for the Summer!

TOMS excellent range of eyewear has a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors and lenses. The eyewear with polarized lenses
provides protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light emitted by the sun. The aviator’s glasses are a popular choice since they combine style, modern looks along with eye protection.

In the men’s range Kigali, Kathmandu, Bamako and Maseru are available in different shapes, temples and frames. The hand-painted striping design adds to the distinctive styling. The women’s range sports Kigali, Lhasa, Kathmandu, Bamako, Kinshasa and Maseru. They too have distinctive styling which helps you to look attractive and at the same time get full eye protection. Many of the styles are unisex. The eyewear range costs between $119 and $179.

All TOMS eyewear have one thing in common. The lenses are perfectly made using cutting edge technology. The frames, hinges and temples are all made with high-quality materials with distinctive styling and design. TOMS eyewear is a fashion statement. Goodbye Glare, TOMS now added Polorized Lenses to the family of Eyewear! As always there is an Exclusive TOMS Promo Code available for additional savings YearRound!

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