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TOMS Shoes for mother's dayMother’s Day is one of the most beautiful ways to show your Mother how much you love her, and rewarding your beautiful mother the TOMS way is the best way to do that. Mother’s Day only happens once a year, and the TOMS company has made sure that they are capable of creating a new type of gift for you beautiful Mothers out there. The TOMS For Moms collection is a complete special edition where TOMS creates a beautiful set of shoes that enables Mothers to get a special type of shoe made for them. Since the TOMS company has always been the charitable people who offers the One for One Movement, it not only benefits the Mothers, but also the people in poverty who are in other parts of the world who are also in need of shoes.

The reason why TOMS wanted to do this for the Mothers is because they know how selfless they are. They know how loving, caring, and heartwarming all Mothers are, and this is the reason why they created this wonderful set of shoes for those beautiful Moms. Their shoes are vegan as well, and the entire design is nice because they are lightweight and great for all Mothers to wear. They are great for them to use, so if you are looking for something new to give her, you will find that you can easily give her something unique and cute with the TOMS For Moms shoes.

They make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any Mom. They are surely going to appreciate a nice gift that they know is going to also help another person in need of shoes. TOMS is a huge company, and their new set of shoes for Moms can be the perfect thing to give her. ShopaholicMommy has an exclusive TOMS Coupon Code that can help you save $5 off the total price of your Mother’s Day gift!


  • What styles are available?
    There are actually two completely new designs available that were created to help your Mother look beautiful. The first design is the Navy Vegan that is in the color of Dark Navy. This simple design is nice to give your Mother if she likes the blue type of colors. Since Navy is a darker version of blue, it has a beautiful color variation. The other style is the Day White Vegan that has a Day White type of color. Clear white is nice on shoes, and the overall look of the shoes are great despite their similarities. They are truly great to have on and it is definitely a great way to make your Mom look even prettier.


The Benefits Of Giving Your Mom These Special Edition Shoes

  • Eco-friendly
    Just like most of their shoes, they compliment the Earth rather than ruin it. Eco-friendly shoes can help prevent other Earth-ruining chemicals from getting in the way. The truth is that some shoes which aren’t eco-friendly can damage the earth tremendously, and these should be avoided a lot.
  • No Animal Products
    Animal products can tend to be used often in shoes and clothing. Just like how animal fur is used on clothes, it is also done mostly on shoes as well. However, TOMS does not do this at all to avoid big problems from arising. Many people usually use animal products, but TOMS does not want to ruin their reputation in any way. Animals should never e used to become shoes or clothing, and TOMS doesn’t want to only help the people, but also the animals and allow for humans to receive quality shoes that do not have any animals on them. It is very common for many companies to use animals, but it is not a one-way stop for offering quality products.
  • Quality
    The entire shoe is made with complete quality, and the coolest part is the fact that the latex arch support is helpful for offering a quality feeling shoe that isn’t hard to use. The quality in the shoe is great because of the fact that it allows for the foot to enjoy the shoe freely and without any pain. What better way to award her than to give her a pair of shoes that have great support, feel great, are comfortable, and can enable her to relax while walking for long distances. These shoes make great investments, and they can be a great gift for any Mother out there.

TOMS Is Not Just Shoes Anymore

  • TOMS Eyewear
    Last year, TOMS launched a Sunglass Eyewear line that has become so popular that they have added all new styles and colors to the collection. Listen, summer is almost here and it is hard to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Ask mom if she needs some new shades and pick her out a great pair. For every pair of TOMS Eyewear sold the help restore vision to someone in need. Read more about TOMS Eyewear.

Mother’s Day is the only day of the year when all of us can celebrate the beauty that we see, feel, and experience everyday from our Mothers. Many people usually wait for their birthday which is a great time to surprise her, but it is nice to surprise as well during a time when all Mothers are honored. It is this special holiday when you can show her your everlasting love for all that she has done. The TOMS For Moms shoes are very well made, and if you feel lost on what to give her, our new special edition shoes for Mothers is the perfect gift. It’s not just the special edition shoes that mom would love, there are tennis shoes like the Cordones line, or fancier shoes like TOMS Wedges and for the adventurous mom there are TOMS Botas!

While many other people will be having difficulties on what to give their Mother, you could be ready by buying the new shoes offered from the TOMS For Moms edition. Many families and young children forget about this aspect, and it is important for you to know that even the most simplest of gifts will make her happy. By giving her a nice pair of shoes from TOMS, she will surely enjoy those new shoes. The best part is that these are meant for Mothers, so they are a special type of shoes meant for them on their special day. Throughout the year we find special a TOMS Promo Code that helps to save you money off your purchase.

Mother’s Day is a great holiday that we look forward to every year but it is hard to find the right gift. This is the perfect time to show your Mom your appreciation and lover for her. It is the time to show her how thankful you are for all of her work and unconditional love. After you buy a pair for your Mom, in honor of Mother’s Day, another pair will be given to another Mother who is in need of shoes. All Mothers know how hard it is to be a Mother, and they will feel good knowing that another Mother will also receive a nice pair of the same type of shoes as well.

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    It says coupon code expires April 30, 2012. Is it going to work?

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    Thanks for letting us know! We updated the coupons but forgot to update the date – sorry about that! Everything has been corrected now!

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