Maclaren Stroller News Updates for 2012

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maclaren strollerMaclaren’s famous umbrella strollers are freshened-up for 2012 and a bit of a mysterious news story lurks in the background.

I was quite pleased to see the updates that Maclaren had made to their strollers this past week. I was worried because I had heard late last month that the company was filing for bankrupcy! If you’re interested in learning all the details about it, you should pop over to blog he’s given a thorough rundown on the situation. Since then I haven’t seen any updates, but the fact that these new 2012 Maclaren strollers are rolling out into stores is a good sign. Let’s see what changes have been made.

First is safety. You may remember back in 2009 when Maclaren had to redesign their hinges because of a recall that the hinges were cutting fingers when folding. This massively set back the company. Now all Maclaren strollers meet or exceed the highest safety standards required in any country worldwide.

Such changes include a 5-point safety harness (they have the most heavy-duty buckle I’ve ever encountered), a tether strap, and linked parking brakes. The Techno XT, Techno XLR, Quest, Twin Triumph and Twin Techno are suitable from birth and these models now feature a protective head and foot barrier.

On the Techno XLR, not only are there now different colors available (like the white with green accents you see in the photo) but it will no longer offer a car seat adapter. As you may know, this is the only travel system compatible Maclaren stroller available. But this is changing now. If you want to use this as a travel system, you’ll have to get the universal carrycot, which is not yet available in the United States. The new XLR is about $395, but I’ve seen the previous year’s model go for about $305, if you’re looking for a good deal. Maclaren 2012 Techno XLR in Silver/Pine Green

The that has had the most changes is the Maclaren Quest Sport, one of the best sellers. Upgrades for 2012 include not only some new color combinations, as you can see from the top stroller in the graphic image at right, but it now reclines almost flat, accommodating newborn babies. The seat is now a one-handed recline, whereas before levers on either side of the seat adjusted the angle. The seat is quilted and is longer, reaching almost to the footrest. It has modern new hubcaps, new handles with reflective striping, and the frame comes in either silver or black, which is a popular trend. I think it looks fabulous! With all these changes is a bit of a price increase. 2011 models went for $230 but the improved 2012 Quest Sport costs $270 and have been getting great reviews. Maclaren 2012 Quest Sport Stroller in Black/Silver

Beginning around April, Maclaren plans to roll out a new stroller called the Globetrotter. This one will be between the Volo and the Triumph in terms of features and amenities. Suitable for babies 6 months and older, the Globetrotter will feature a multi-position reclining seat and weighs just slightly over 10.5 pounds. That might be without the hood and basket attached, though. Maclaren tends to weigh their products to that standard. I’m looking forward to testing it out once it becomes available!

On the double stroller front, no new changes have been made except that the popular Twin Techno now comes in a beautiful champagne color in addition to the standard black and blue. A new wavy stripe swooshes over each seat on the Twin Triumph that gives it a fresh look, same with the single Triumph.

Another thing I love are all the seat liners you can buy to not only protect your seat and give your child some extra padding, but to make your Mac even more beautiful! This year Maclaren shall add 30 more designs to their already huge selection. Look for more footmuffs and storage pockets to hang on the handles to come out as well. It’s looking like April is their big roll-out month and I cannot wait!

Which new design or color do you like the best?

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