End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

| May 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

flowersWith the school year winding down, you might be thinking about ways to show your child’s teacher your appreciation for a year well-taught. Potential gifts for a teacher can be something just-for-her (or him!) or something for the classroom. Here are some ideas for useful gifts that any teacher would love:

  • Gift Certificates
    With the long, hot summer ahead of her, your child’s teacher might like nothing better than to shop for something she needs or stop for an iced coffee at a local coffee-shop. Gift cards always fit, and they’re always appreciated. Some businesses to consider patronizing include chain restaurants, educational supply stores, office supply stores and bookstores. You could also gift her with a certificate to a local spa for a manicure or, if you want to splurge and pamper her, a massage. Present the gift certificate in a handmade card drawn by your child or in a pretty gift bag.
  • Something for the Classroom
    With budget cuts affecting most areas, your child’s teacher may be spending her hard-earned money on supplies for the classroom. A big package of construction paper, a case of glue or a big bag of other consumables would probably be greatly appreciated. Another idea is to buy educational toys for a preschool or kindergarten classroom. Puzzles, blocks or an easel might be good choices. Before buying a large gift, it would be a good idea to talk to the teacher first to find out what would be most appropriate. You can save money be ordering online; for example, you can get free shipping or 15 percent off of your order when you use a Melissa and Doug coupon code. You can also go to our Pinterest section of “Cute Gift ideas” to see some of the great gift ideas we have found.
  • A Gift Basket
    If you know something about the teacher and what she likes, you and your child could put together a personalized gift basket, filled with goodies. Does she have a one-cup coffee maker on her desk? Stock up her collection with a variety of K-cups in a basket. If she loves chocolate, pamper her with a basket filled to the brim with dark, milk and white chocolate treats. Around the holidays we always do a series of baked goods but since the teachers liked it so much we are making a whole new round of baked treats for the end of the year. Is she known as the teacher who always wears funky socks or flowery scarves? Add an item to her collection. Be sure to ask your child for ideas; he might be more observant than you expect, and will likely have a great idea!

Of course, you don’t need to feel obligated to buy your child’s teacher a gift. A card, a letter or even a sincere “thank you” is also appreciated. Be sure to let her know how much her excellent teaching has helped your child, though!

What have you given your child’s teachers at the end of the year to say thank you?

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