Easter Gifts for Teens

| April 10, 2017 | 13 Comments

young girl with an easter basketOnce your child has grown out of Easter egg hunts, what is there to do on Easter morning? First, you might be surprised at how much a teen will still enjoy an egg hunt if younger siblings are participating. Or, she might like to be the one to hide the eggs! Assuming you have no younger children at home, though, your teen might be up for less “kiddie” fun. Here are some teen-friendly ideas for Easter gifts:

  • Grooming products. Your daughter might enjoy a basket filled with lotions, shower gels, makeup, nail products, and whatever else she uses to look and smell her best. Don’t disregard these types of items for your son; while he probably does not want makeup or nail polish, teen guys still use shower gels, cologne and hair products.
  • Tickets. Whether they’re for a movie, a concert, or an event at your local theater, you know what types of performances your teen loves. Why not spring for tickets?
  • Homemade coupons. What does your teen want? To get out of chores? To come home an hour later than her regular curfew? For you to drive her to school instead of having her take the bus, or to borrow the car if she’s already driving? Make a book of homemade coupons for her to cash in throughout the year.
  • Hobby supplies. Depending on what your teen is into, you might be buying guitar picks, art supplies, writing journals, ballet shoes… the possibilities are endless, making this an easy gift to personalize.
  • Music. An iTunes gift certificate or his favorite CD would make a welcome addition to any teenager’s Easter basket.
  • Books. If there’s a book that you know your teen would love, then buy it and put it in her basket. If you’re not sure what she’d like to read, a gift card to Amazon.com or the local bookstore would be an appreciated gift.
  • Gift cards to local fast food restaurants. Where do your teen and his friends tend to hang out? Whether it’s the burger joint or the coffee shop, buy him a gift card to his favorite fast food restaurant.
  • School supplies. You bought these at the end of last summer, but chances are that her supply is dwindling by now. A package of pens and a couple of new notebooks might make her just a bit more eager to do schoolwork, even with spring fever setting in.
  • Money. One cute idea is to stuff plastic Easter eggs with dollar bills and to fill an Easter basket with them. Remember, green is a great color for anyone!

There are tons of ideas on what you can give your teen for Easter! It all depends on what your particular teenager is into. What types of Easter gifts will you be putting in your high schooler’s basket this year?

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  1. Lisa Ehrman says:

    These are all wonderful ideas for things to put in teens easter baskets. Girls are very easy, because they love so many small priced items, such as nail polish or lip gloss. But boys certainly like scented soaps and body sprays, too (old spice).

  2. lisa says:

    Good ideas. Just because they’re getting older they shouldn’t be left out.

  3. Cujo says:

    I agree – keep them involved.

  4. Julie Jones says:

    My 17 year old has never really liked candy so we have been doing a lot of these ideas for years. It’s a safe bet that she will have itunes gift cards and something for her hair in her basket this year. Thanks for this post!

  5. Ari says:

    Very true, there are lots of options for teens! Money, gift cards or concert tickets? All very, very cool and would be much appreciated, I’m sure.

  6. veronica lee says:

    I love these ideas! Thanks for posting this!

  7. Maria Iemma says:

    The teenage years are difficult and I have to thank you for the ideas, I was not sure what to get for my nieces that are 13 and 14

  8. Heaven Kelough says:

    Lol, no fair! I’m 20, but I didn’t get anything for teenage years.. My Mom said I was too old since 13 up. 😛 Lol, but these are really cool ideas! Maybe I’ll send her this and hint! Hahaha.

  9. md kennedy says:

    How about having the teens make the baskets for the younger kids who still wait for the Easter Bunny? I don’t think that teens should be receiving gifts – enough for Christmas and Birthdays! Maybe a few chocolates suffices. Am I harsh?

  10. Danielle Lindquist says:

    Love it, my mom still gives me an Easter basket and I am 30 years old, neeever too old for Easter.

  11. Lisa Marie Gibson says:

    These are some good ideas. Last year for my 15 yr old I took a rectangle laundry basket and filled it with stuff similar to that listed but had a 12 pack of soda a bag of Doritos lol.. video games

  12. tami s says:

    For my 17 yr old son I give little sports things like baseball batting gloves, baseball socks, wrist tape etc. For m 23 yr old daughter I give gas cards, gift cards to american eagle

  13. Alice says:

    Some great ideas here, I know someone who’s son is massively into Pokemon (he is 13) and she hid packets of Pokemon cards in the garden!

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