Swimsuit Buying Tips for Moms

| July 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

Mom and daughter by the poolSwimsuit season is in full swing, but I know that there are some of you out there who haven’t bought a new bathing suit for the summer. If you’re feeling discouraged because you’re having trouble finding something flattering and feminine, here are some tips on finding a great suit based on your body shape. And remember, just because you aren’t wearing the same skimpy bikinis that you enjoyed flaunting during your college days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still look flirty as opposed to frumpy!

Pear Shapes

Many women complain about the size of their derrieres and thighs; once you give birth, nature has a way of making sure that your booty never gets back to its pre-pregnancy dimensions. If this describes you, you may have a pear shape. Other indications of a pear shape are a proportionally small bustline and a narrow shoulders. Try to find a suit that draws the eye upward. A one-piece bathing suit with some padding in the bra, a halter top and a darker color on the bottom can be flattering. A skirt can hide your thighs, but don’t go for anything ruffly, as that will simply draw the eye to the area that you’re trying to camouflage. If you prefer a two-piece bathing suit, consider a tankini or a bikini top with boyshorts.

Apple Shapes

If you tend to carry your excess weight in your abdomen, you may have an apple shape. Women with an apple shape tend to have wider shoulders and sometimes larger busts, with thinner hips, thighs and legs. First, try to draw the eye to areas other than your tummy: if you have nice, long legs, go for a high cut bottom to show them off! Also a low-cut top will call attention to your cleavage; don’t be afraid to highlight this area with your bathing suit. To create the illusion that your waistline is smaller than it actually is, try a suit with diagonal lines or some draping in the middle. Also, go for dark colors and prints rather than light solids.

Not Enough Curves

If you don’t have a large bust or curvy hips, you might feel a bit self-conscious in a swimsuit. The good news for this body type is that it’s easier to create the illusion of more curves than it is to hide them! Try a bikini top with some padding or ruffles to add some interest to your bustline. Do the same with your bathing suit bottoms: some shirring or a flirty, ruffly skirt can add shape. Finally, don’t be afraid to go bold: you can get away with bright colors and loud patterns!

You still have plenty of summer left to get out there and enjoy the sand, surf and sun (or the community pool, if you’re not beachside)! Don’t let a lack of confidence in your body shape keep you from enjoying all that the long summer days have to offer. If you’re still feeling shy even after you find the perfect swimsuit, you can always use a cover-up when you’re not in the water.

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