Britax Stroller News Updates for 2012

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Perhaps most famous for their car seats, Britax is quickly becoming known for beautiful quality baby strollers that are trend setters. In October 2011, Britax announced that it was acquiring BOB Trailers, makers of well-known fitness strollers such as the Revolution and the fixed-wheel Ironman.

Now the stakes are higher with more expensive strollers offered, Britax must keep up with the competition to stay in consumers’ minds when new moms think about their purchase. So they improve existing products, introduce new ones and discontinue strollers that just aren’t making the cut. Let’s look at what’s going on at Britax for 2012.

britax b-agile doubleBrand New

Get ready everybody and mark your calendar for June 4th. Why? If you’ve always loved the B-Agile but now have two children, you’re going to love this news. The new B-Agile Double goes on sale on that date! You can even pre-order now.

Here’s the stand-out features on the new Britax B-Agile double stroller – it has a space right in the middle of the handle for your grip to maneuver it one-handed. Most the time you have to choose one side or the other, but not with this simple, yet innovative design. It’s also height adjustable for you taller parents!

The double version has all the same wonderful features you love about the single Britax B-Agile, like the quick fold, enormous sun canopy and supportive padded seat.

Weight-wise, the B-Agile Double is 28 pounds, which isn’t too bad for a double. It’s less than 31″ wide so you can get through most standard doorways and it can carry up to 50 pounds per seat.

A simple click-n-go integrated adapter system is set up so you can easily fit one Britax Chaperone or B-Safe infant car seat on one side. Suggested price is $450 and Amazon has a great Deal. What a great looking stroller!


Retired Models

If their stock is any indication, Britax is moving away from the old-fashioned traditional looking stroller, and so it is no surprise that their Chaperone stroller is now retired as of January this year. I’m making an educated guess and say that this type of stroller just doesn’t fit the Britax image any longer – a look at the Chaperone and you think Graco. Britax are now pricier and more cutting edge than mass producers like Graco. That’s my impression, anyway.

Next stroller that has struck out was surprisingly the B-Scene. This is their 3 wheel convertible stroller. Looking on Amazon, I see it’s only gotten 3.5-star reviews and for the price, maybe customers would rather spend the money on a more durable fitness-oriented stroller like BOB.

But now that Britax owns BOB, perhaps they would rather put their energy into developing BOB strollers instead of coming up with a Britax all-terrain stroller. That sounds logical, wouldn’t you agree?

Improved Britax Models

The Britax B-Ready is the star of this brand. Convertible stroller that morphs into an inline double, the B-Ready is stylish, functional and more affordable than the UPPAbaby Vista.

For 2012, Britax made one major change and a few smaller changes on the B-Ready.
– The first, most obvious change is the wheels. They are now foam filled rubber tires. They won’t get flat and the foam absorbs bumps in the terrain; these tires basically perform just like air-filled tires.

– The tires are also different looking this year. Gone are the silver spoke-like wheels, these new ones are all black with one spoke that goes through the center of the tire. It looks sleek, modern and gorgeous.

– Now if you have an earlier model B-Ready and love those new wheels, you can purchase a B-Ready 2012 wheel kit – currently available only on the Britax site for about $90.

Minor changes on the B-Ready include:

  • New navy color.
  • 4th position for the seat which is as upright as you can get. This is fantastic for little kids who want to see out and are sitting tall.
  • The buckle is a easier to clasp and unclasp.
  • Deeper shopping basket with zippers on the sides.
  • Better suspension and shock absorption

The B-Ready Retails for around $440 US dollars but as always we suggest you check out amazon to see if there are better prices….

Way to go Britax! 2012 is looking like an excellent year for your products. Stay up-to-date on all the best products for your family in our baby gear reviews section!

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