IGrill App

| June 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

igrillMost of us who are not BBQ experts own a meat thermometer to make sure we don’t under or overcook our favorite meats. If you grill often, or you were looking for a unique gift idea for your husband, you might even have a wireless meat thermometer, where you can take a small pocket sized gadget with you around the yard or house, and it will let you know when your meal is ready.  Chris Allen, CEO of iDevices, now developed a wireless thermometer that will work with your iPhone or Ipad called the iGrill, so there is no reason to carry around a separate unit.  You can see the temperature reading from up to 300 feet away on your iPod Touch, iPad or Iphone.  Just put the device near the grill, and then with the included 48 inch cable, insert it into the middle of the meat being cooked.  Then you download the free app and off you go.  The catch is that it costs about $50 more than most wireless thermometers, with a price tag of $100.

iGrill enables you to multitask between your grill and guests with the peace of mind that your food is perfectly cooked, at target temperature and safe for consumption. iGrill communicates with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via a secure, long-range Bluetooth® connection. Enjoy time with family and friends without compromising the quality of your cuisine! Read up on Grill Safety Tips and don’t forget to check out our favorite BBQ Ribs recipe as well as How to find the best BBQ Grill.

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