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toms shoes earth day

April 22nd marks the 41st Anniversary of the Day we now call and celebrate as Earth Day. We couldn’t imagine suggesting a better shoe for the occasion than Toms Shoes, a company dedicated to making the earth a better place for so many children. Coupon offers are available for your TOMS Shoes purchase. Use our TOMS Shoes Coupons with every purchase you make and save yourself money while helping support TOMS Shoes One for One Movement.

TOMS for Earth Day

Toms is an earth friendly company. The TOMS Shoes Wrap boot is very unique, made out of recycled plastic bottles and hemp, that are “vegan friendly”. Leave it to TOMS to create Planet Approved shoes with recycled and sustainable materials; contains no animal by-products and TOMS are made from 100% organic cotton. One-piece outsole made with a mixture of rubbers for resilience, flexibility and durability on all Classic TOMS. While casual and comfortable, there’s also a style for any occasion including TOMS Earth Day.

TOMS offer suggestions three main Earth Day Categories. Tread Lightly – Planet Approved Styles;  Get Creative – UPcycle your old TOMS; and lastly Can you Dig it – Guerilla Gardening.

What can I do to help TOMS Earth Day ?

TOMS has put together something very similar to their TOMS for Prom toolkit. TOMS asks you to UPcycle your old Toms and they give ideas for how you can turn old TOMS into something new and useful rather than throwing them away. Many TOMS fans submitted projects and the list has grown this year. Now their are eight TOMS for Earth Day Crafts you can make. They include:

  • TOMS Bracelet
  • TOMS Pencil Pouch
  • TOMS Wallet
  • TOMS Drink Coasters
  • TOMS Ipad Sleeve
  • TOMS Headband
  • TOMS Plant Hanger
  • TOMS Soccer Ball

All these items are the perfect way to retire your old TOMS. After you’ve transformed your TOMS make sure to take a picture and post it on the TOMS community wall!

Help making the earth a better place like TOMS Shoes does. You can easily purchase your pair and make a difference in the world. You’ll also be able to wear a symbol of inspiration and hope on a daily basis and spread the TOMS Shoes story, perhaps enticing others to support the movement.

Ready to get your pair of TOMS for Earth Day? We have Coupons for TOMS Shoes. Start using these discounts and save big money on your TOMS Shoes. Every time you purchase one of the shoes TOMS makes the company gives a free pair of shoes to a needy child.One for One.

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