Men’s Cordones Toms Shoes Review

| May 7, 2011 | 1 Comment

This is an independent review from shopaholic mommy. We encourage our family and friends to buy TOMS Shoes so that they can do their part for the One for One Movement. With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. We encourage you to learn more about the TOMS Shoes story.

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Review for TOMS Natural Rope Sole Men’s Cordones from Burt B. in Florida.

TOMS Natural Men's CordonesThis morning I tried on my first pair of Toms Shoes and before I get to the nitty gritty, there’s something you should know about me! I am all about comfort and my feet have a lot to do with that; it’s like having your feet outside your covers in bed – if you’re warm just slip the covers off your feet and you begin to feel cool almost immediately and the same goes with being cold. Ironically, it all starts with my feet, which is why it’s so important they be as comfortable as possible in order for the rest of me to feel the same. Now that I’ve creeped you out with my weird feet hypothesis, we’ll get back to how excited yet nervous I was about my new shoes! I was excited for many reasons mainly thinking that because of my purchase, a child would benefit with wearing a pair of shoes for the first time. The delight of possessing such knowledge warms my heart and soul, not to mention the fact the shoe is 80% recyclable consumer waste – even the ink on the box is printed with Soy Ink – Come On! I was also nervous because comfort is such a BIG part of my life and never having worn a pair of Toms Shoes before today, I couldn’t help feel a little nervy as there’s no way for me to try one on first. WELL, let me be the first to say that these shoes ROCK! I purchased a pair of their Natural Rope Cordones, which are closed and comes with the option of lacing them up or wearing them as a slip-on (which way do you think I’m wearing them? U know it!). Anyhow, the shoe is super light, very comfortable and cool looking! Now, I’m not sure if you know this, but the shoe is constructed of a fabric-like material you can wash, which immediately flagged as possible shrinkage, which is why I ordered them one size larger – I’m a size 9, so I ordered a size 10, which fits incredibly! This all said, I suggest you get online and order a pair for yourself right away and join the “One for One” movement! There is nothing better than being able to help my fellow man and making Mother Earth sustainably happy. Thanks TOMS!

Review from Burt B. in Florida who is a regular contributor for Shopaholic Mommy.

Don’t forget that Tom’s was created with a purpose One for One. So if you’re not totally sold on the great style, quality and value of Tom’s shoes, remember that when you purchase a pair of Tom’s, you’re making a difference. Sometimes there are Coupons available on TOMS. Check our TOMS Coupons and to see what value added offers there are.

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  1. Becca M. says:

    Tom’s are extremely comfortable and are great to wear anytime. I LOVE toms.

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