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TOMS Shoes give back in so many ways. TOMS One for One Movement started with TOMS Shoes, then went on to TOMS Eyewear and now TOMS Books is introduced! TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie has changed the way we buy. With his buy-one-give-one model of shoe retailing, the Toms founder has turned it into TOMS Eyewear and a Book called Start Something that Matters. In the book he reflects on what other businesses can do to give back. Toms Shoes has been in business five years and in that time, the company has sold over 1 million pairs of shoes and given away that many! TOMS Eyewear hopes to be as successful and provide people with sight and eyewear throughout the world. Now, Toms founder and CEO Blake Mycoskie released Start Something That Matters, a book detailing the Toms story as well as the stories of other social entrepreneurs who have inspired Mycoskie over the years. For every book that is sold, TOMS will be giving a child in need a book as well. Don’t forget to look at our TOMS Shoes Coupons. TOMS is no longer just a shoe company it is the One for One Company! Support TOMS!!!

March 16, 2011 post ……

Blake Mycoskie who is the Founder of Toms Shoes made an exciting announcement at the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, TX. What’s the next chapter for One for One? He spoke about his first shoe drop in South Africa and how he experienced extreme poverty and many needs that were not being met. He also recalls that at the time they were giving away 50,000 pairs of shoes in that particular drop and her recognized that the TOMS One for One model was working and if it was so powerful for shoes could it be used to meet other needs? The next chapter of One for One and he unveils a large mystery box and he goes on the say that the next One of One product is inside this mystery box. This TOMS mystery box will not be opened in June 2011. Blake goes on to say that what is inside the box is not near as important as what it represents – it represents that from this day forward TOMS is no longer a shoe company they are the One for One company. On June 7, 2011 this box will be opened at hundred of locations and will be the first step that One for One will take to meet the rest of the needs of the poor and impoverished people around the world. And if you are looking for the most current Toms Coupons for Toms Shoes we have them for you !

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