Spring Time Activities for Kids and Families

| March 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

Sunday is the first day of spring ! We have gotten our ideas together and thought about all the fun things the kids and I do each spring ! Now of course my kids will probably tell you that they are bored much of the spring but here is proof that we do keep busy ! 🙂  We should all try to get outside and learn something new with the kids – or at least that is my goal. I understand that sometimes the weather my not cooperate or even kids playingtempers may not align right and it could make any activity impossible but you have to get out there and try !Let us know if you have any special spring time activities you do every year! And remember when you can try to exercise with your kids – I shared some of the fun and creative ways the kids and I have come up with to get out and get moving.

Here is what is on our agenda for the Spring !

Gardening – we started a raised container garden last year and only got a few peppers and cucumbers to how for it. So this year we got a whole new set up (thanks to my green-thumbed sister)! So far we have gotten 8 heads of romaine lettuce, several strawberries and 4 Eggplants ! The kids just love going out there to see what new veggies have sprouted !

Picking Strawberries – We tried this out last year and had a great time. So this year we went again – we tried another strawberry pickingfarm that was much larger and again had a wonderful time. We spend most of the day at this farm not only picking strawberries but we get a few tomatoes and peppers. Of course on of the highlights of the day was the delicious BBQ that they were serving at the farm – I still am not sure if they like eating the BBQ or picking the strawberries more !

Going to the Park – we have met up with so many friends at the park and the kids always have a great time. It is fun to see all the different age groups of kids try to figure out the playground equipment – it really is a fun thing to watch.

The Beach – I have to admit we have not made it to the beach yet this spring – we were going to go today but everybody seems to be passing around strep throat/coughing/sinus infections. Anyway, the

visit to the zooThe Zoo – we just met up with some of our closet friends for a zoo outing. There were 3 babies under the age of two and 3 kids under the age of eight so we had quite a mixed crowd. It was a wonderful day with not too many meltdowns and the weather was wonderful – we were even able to sneak in lunch at the zoo and everybody napped on the way home !

Enjoy the spring with your family and visit ShopaholicMommy for more ideas for each season. Let us know what kind of exercise you enjoying doing with your kids!

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  1. Adriana says:

    Just a little beach tip… Take a small bottle of baby powder (cornstarch) and instead of putting your little ones through the torture of a cold shower to get the sand off, rub the sand with a little baby powder and it will fly right off!! We take a extra change of clothes that we leave in the car and do the baby powder trick instead of the shower.

  2. Adriana says:

    Oh and for 9.95$ One Step Ahead will sell you a “powder pouch” to use, but I find a little on your hand or a towel works just fine!! 🙂

  3. ShopAholic Mommy says:

    Great tip – never tried that one before – Thanks !

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