New Hot Designer for Target

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Ready for some fashion news ladies?!? A famous Italian designer, Missoni has partnered with Target to offer a new line! I recently got my brother-in-law to cover the new designer for the Target stores which debuts September 13th thru October 22nd. This was announced by Target via Twitter on May 4th. Thank you Burt for covering this for us!

Catwalk Model Green DressIn my family I am known as the shopaholic. What can I say, I love clothes! As a guest blogger, I’ve been asked to write a piece on fashion (wonder why?) and even though this story has already hit the newsstands, I wanted to stay on topic for just a little while longer because I think it’s important to… Missoni Meets Target!

No I don’t mean Target as in a goal – Target as in the store! Now for those of you who don’t follow runway fashion or have no clue what makes a BIG Fashion House well BIG, let me just say that until now you didn’t have to worry too much about it! Be forewarned that we’re gonna swerve a little here, but a Missoni Federica Crewneck Dress for example will price out at over $1,100.00 easily at Saks – SAKS! This is where you would normally find a Missoni and it’s Ready to Wear stuff – there’s nothing couture here and it’s costing over $1,100.00!!! Excuse me… I am still trying to digest this and explain it all at the same time without choking, but I can’t help it, because it will soon be affordable! It’s not that Target sells subpar clothing (I shop there), but you know you’re getting some real quality stuff made by Italians known to have their clothes worn by super models on a catwalk in Milan & Paris – that’s all I’m trying to say here folks! These people have hotels for Pete’s sake, 5-confirmed so far in Scotland, Kuwait, Oman, Brazil, and Turkey! Some of their line is manufactured by the folks at Valentino… VALENTINO!

Here’s a little history on the Missoni Company: The company was founded by Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita in 1953 and they presented their first collection in Milan in 1958. In 1967 they were invited to the Pitti Palace in Florence to showcase their designs – there their success was validated when Rosita had asked the models to take off their bras, not knowing that the material would become transparent under the lights above, the models were unknowingly showing off their breasts in addition to the clothes. Needless to say, this caused a major sensation with the crowds, which only made the Missoni Fashion House that much stronger. They weren’t invited to the palace the following year, but who cares! The Missonis became an instant success, built a new factory, opened their first boutique at New York’s Bloomingdales and the rest is history!

SO, here’s the nitty gritty… Unlike the rest of Target’s fashion, which is showcased year-round at all their stores, Missoni’s 400 piece collection (HUGE!) will only be featured from September 13th thru October 22nd. The Missoni collection will include everything from clothes (including women’s, men’s, children) and a few home goods such as bed sheets and dinnerware. So take out your smart phones and/or Day Timers & type or pencil in these dates so you can take real advantage of great fashion without having to step into Saks, Bloomingdales, or Neiman Marcus! Go forth and dress well for less!

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