Need to lose weight ? Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig

| September 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

Can’t decide between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig?

Both programs are perfect to save time.  You don’t have to prepare meals or worry about the portion sizes.

So here are some differences and similarities between the 2 programs.

  • Nutrisystem is a more affordable program, however our customers prefer the taste of the Jenny Craig food.
  • On the Jenny Craig program, you only only their meals and snacks.  With Nutrisystem, you can supplement foods with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • You can expect to lose 1 to 2 lbs per week on either program.
  • Nutrisystem offers different programs for men and woman, as well as vegetarian and diabetic options.
  • Nutrisystem is online only – so you have to get your questions answered online or over the phone.  Jenny Craig has centers throughout the country so you can get face to face guidance and please order for their favorite food without having to pay shipping costs.

Buy now and Save BIG on ALL programs!

  • Plus, get the LOWEST PRICE EVER on Nutrisystem® Select®—Nutrisystem’s premium, fresh-frozen program.†
  • Over 150 foods to choose from—even ice cream!
  • Meals delivered right to your door
  • FREE membership and online tools
  • Save time with Auto-Delivery convenience
  • All for about $4 per meal

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