How to get kids more involved in charities

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volunteersWant to know how to get your kids more involved with charities and the world around them? A new study shows that people often became involved with charities because they saw their own parents involved with charities. Here is yet again another example of how we as parents are “leading by example”. The article goes on to explain that “What parents say and do when it comes to charitable giving and volunteering makes a big difference in the charitable activities of their children once those kids grow up, according to research findings being released in detail today.  Parental behavior had tremendous influence – more than religion, politics, race, household income, or any other measured factors on the generosity of today’s Americans.” These findings are from Heart of the Donor, an in-depth study commissioned by Russ Reid Company of Pasadena, California, and conducted by Grey Matter Research & Consulting of Phoenix, Arizona.

Among the 10 parental behaviors tested, these following six were correlated with the behavior of today’s adults (from the study’s news release):

1. Gave money to a church or other place of worship
2. Gave money to non-profit organizations other than a place of worship
3. Talked to you about the non-profit organizations they supported and why they supported those organizations
4. Took you to church or another place of worship
5. Volunteered their time to help non-profit organizations other than a place of worship
6. Encouraged you, even as a child, to volunteer your time to help non-profits

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