Household Germs in Unexpected Places

| May 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

lady cleaning the kitchen counterIt’s always surprising to hear that there are typically more germs in our kitchens than the bathroom.  The NSF which is a non-profit organization recently conducted a survey of 22 households and tested 30 items each day for mold, yeast and bacteria.  Over 80% of the kitchen tested positive for Coliform – not cauliflower! You could say that coliform is a close cousin to salmonella and e coli….yuck!  The biggest culprit?  The sponge.  Other contaminated items included the sink, dish towels, cutting boards and counter tops.  As far as the bathrooms, some faucets, tooth brush holders and the brushes themselves had traces of bacteria as well.

Mold, yeast and staph bacteria was found in a little over 30% of the homes.  Sponges once again topped the list for these uninvited guests.  Video controllers, cell phones, ipads and pet toys made the list as well.

Tips to minimize bacteria: Change your sponge twice per month.  If you throw them in the dishwasher every few days then you could probably go a month.  Replace your tooth brush every 30 days as well.  Use a bleach and hot water mixture for your sinks and cutting boards.  Don’t keep the cutting boards if they are cracked or developing grooves. Use anti-bacterial/Clorox wipes on your house phones, remote controls, etc.  anything that gets daily use should also be wiped down often.  Last but not least if you have pets, don’t forget to throw their toys in the wash as well.

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