Decorating Easter Eggs without Dye

| April 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Time sure flies! Easter is next weekend and the ever daunting tasks of coloring eggs is upon us. With all the news about food dyes in the actual food I sure do not want to place the egg in food dye directly. Luckily there is an alternative this year! Turn your Easter egg decorating into a craft project. Polka Dot eggs are so simple and pretty made with Glue dots and glitter. has a variety of templates to make more crafts that involve felt and craft glue. One of the most kid friendly crafts for the little ones was the craft that uses japanese washi tape that is easy for little hands to make designs and stick! My favorite is the napkin decoupage that they show as the last craft. We are so excited for Easter and can’t wait to try these new alternatives to dying.


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