Breastfeeding Baby Doll

| May 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Bebe GlotonHave you seen or heard about this breast feeding baby doll ? Bebé Glotón is a doll that came out in 2009 from a toy manufacture in Spain. This doll was created by the makers in order to promote and express to kids how natural and important it is to breastfeed.

How does this baby breastfeed? This is what i wondered also and here is goes. There is a colorful looking bib or vest that has nipples on it in the front. You put the vest on and then attach the baby doll to on the the flowers (nipples) and the dolls makes a suckling sound. Listen I could not breast feed and there are a lot of people out there that judge you if you didn’t. There really are some strong feelings when it comes to the choice of breast feeding or not. And yes breast feeding is a natural choice but I am not sure my 4 year old needs to be practicing breast feeding at her age. Here’s a real kicker the doll sells for over $100 on amazon.  Thoughts anyone? Would you buy this? Go see the doll for yourself on amazon Bebe Gluton.

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