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Holiday Smartphone AppsAh, Christmas Break is now here and kids everywhere are home for a long break. The words “I am Bored” have already be uttered to me more than I can count and we are only one day into this! Rather than watch TV we decided to try the Ipad to see what new games we could find. The world of apps for kids is overwhelming indeed. Thousands of good looking and interactive applications are made yearly, helping to teach your preschooler the ABCs or reading an interactive story. But still the vast majority of apps for kids are made for special holidays, like Christmas and Hanukkah.

All these apps are very good and some are educational, others are truly the best holiday apps for kids and the most popular nowadays. These apps are:

1. Santa’s World: this is a children’ s educational adventure polished in a nice and attractive app form. This app is centered around helping Santa to get ready for the Christmas through several exciting and creative educational games. Choosing an outfit for Santa, help the elves by building unique toys with special design and decorating the Christmas Tree are just some of the features of this perfect holiday game for kids, which is not quite expensive: only $ 1.99

2. Jingle Bells Xmas: another very popular app for kids, featuring an interactive and common song: “Dashing through the Snow!” . This app improves your child musical ear by singing through different scenes and animations. The price it’ s the same: $ 1.99

3. Letters for Santa: at a small price of only $ 0.99, this app is a very creative way to discover what your child really wants for Christmas. Featuring an interactive story about Ruben who creates an invention which Santa approves, the app will allow your kid to send a virtual letter to Santa at the end of the story. The letter will be written with the finger, and this is so amazing, because your kid will be able to draw a picture instead of writing, which can prove very useful in finding what he needs.

4. Winter Land: this is one the first children’ s animated board game for the iPad, but also it’ s in top of the best holiday apps for kids. At $ 0.99, Winter Land is a fully animated game board featuring magical sounds, delightful characters and perfect HD visuals. It represents the classic board game experience but updated with the magic of Christmas, being specially designed for older kids.

5. Busy Santa: this is a free app and one of the best app to get in the Christmas spirit! Your kid must help Santa to deliver presents. Tapping the screen will drop the gifts down the chimneys. But you have to pay attention to the wind so it won’ t blow your presents away. This app increases the kids concentration and accuracy.

6. Hanukkah Envi: one of the most common Hanukkah app. The easy to use interface will help your kid to discover the amazing history and traditions of Hanukkah cost is $2.

7. Hanukkah Match: another top app that will amaze your kid and increase it’ s desire to learn more about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. The point of this app is to match each symbol as fast as you can. The holiday music playing in the background is another interesting feature that bring amazement and a desire to continually play this game. The fact that it’ s free is another great advantage.

8. If you are looking for Apps that have to do with Christmas stories Dora’s Christmas Carol is cute, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and how the Grinch Stole Christmas are some of our favorites. They all start at $2.99.

9. Talking Santa for the Iphone has kept the kids busy for at least an hour. They love making Santa Clause repeat what they say.

10. Last but not least Elmo’s Monster Maker and Santa’s Christmas Village are worth checking out.

Here is just a quick recap of the ones we found! These all amazing apps are indeed the best holiday apps for kids, making your holiday celebration more meaningful. Hope this helps everyone from getting so bored until christmas gets here! Good Luck!

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