Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

| February 3, 2013 | 11 Comments

Children huggingWith Christmas and New Year’s over, you and your kids may be experiencing a bit of a winter let-down: that “blah” feeling that happens when the parties are over and it’s months before the next major holiday. What better way to break up the months and shake things up than having a party? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that’s a great reason to host a little get-together for your kids and their friends. It will give everyone a chance to have some fun and shake off the winter doldrums. Here are some fun and simple party ideas to help get your Valentine’s Day party planning started.

  • Decorations. A Valentine’s Day theme is easy, fortunately. All you need are hearts. Your child can help you cut them out of pink, white, and red construction paper. Use double-sided tape to hang the hearts around the room. If you want some extra flash, cut some hearts out of cardboard and cover them with tinfoil. If you have or want to buy a Cupid-shaped stencil, you can also hang construction paper Cupids around the room. Add in some balloons or streamers and some inexpensive tablecloths in colors to match the decorations, and you’ll have a perfect Valentine’s Day party room.
  • Games and activities. Teach the kids to play “Catch My Heart” – a fun and relevant Valentine’s Day game. Have the kids sit in a circle, and give one of them a red ball or beanbag. The child holding the beanbag has to say another child’s name and toss the “heart” to them. The idea is to see how long the ball or beanbag can be tossed around without being dropped. Once they’re comfortable with the first “heart”, introduce a second one into the game, then a third. Kids will also enjoy some Valentines Day crafting. Set out pre-cut hearts with markers or crayons, glue and glitter, stickers, and stamps, and have each child make a Valentine’s Day name tag to wear (this will also help you keep track of who’s whom!)
  • Food. Serve red or pink drinks like fruit punch or pink lemonade. A Valentine’s Day party is a finger food sort of occasion. You can easily find heart shaped cookies, pretzels, and even crackers in the stores during the month of February. If you pre-bake cupcakes, you can combine eating and an activity in one by letting the kids frost and decorate their cupcakes before they eat them. For a hot treat, make English muffin pizzas – those will fit nicely in with the red color scheme.

A Valentine’s Day party can be fun and entertaining without requiring too much effort and money. Simple decorations, games, and treats will make it an enjoyable event that will create a diversion for the day without breaking the bank.

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  1. denise smith says:

    thanks for the great tips

  2. Jane Ritz says:

    You have great ideas for Valentines Day parties. I wish I had those when I was teaching school. The Valentines Party was always the hardest for me.

  3. lisa says:

    Theme parties are nice. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Maddie K. says:

    My neighbor likes to do stuff like this with her daughter and step kids. I’m going to forward along your tips. Thanks.

  5. librarypat says:

    When our children were younger, we had parties that kept the kids busy as much as we could. Make your own pizza. We made the dough, so could have heart shaped individual pizzas. This was always a favorite.

    I also made small cakes that went with the theme of any party we did. I might have a big cake to serve for the party, but the small ones were for the children to decorate and take home.

    both of these are a bit more work, but worth it.

  6. Renski says:

    I’ll use these – thanks

  7. Ariel Abella says:

    it’s great very ideal valentines treat, very interesting I would do it with my family and friends.

  8. Dandi D says:

    These are some really great ideas! Thanks!

  9. MD Kennedy says:

    I never thought of having a Valentines Day Party! This would be fun!

  10. Kayce says:

    WOW! this tips are so cool! What a brilliant idea to let our kids enjoy Valentines Day!

  11. Mihai Ioan Bizga says:

    Thanks for your good tips.

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