Thinking Ahead About New Year’s Resolutions

| December 27, 2023 | 38 Comments
Blank New Years Resolution List

I know New Year’s Day is still a couple of weeks away, and you’re probably in the midst of celebrating other holidays at the moment. Still, this is a great time to start to think back over the previous year and decide what changes you might want to make after the ball drops, welcoming in the new year. Many of us decide on December 31 that we’ll lose weight, quit smoking, or be a more fun mom over the next year… and all too often, our New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by February 1. Here are some things to consider for the next few weeks to try to make resolutions you are more likely to keep.

  • Pick just one thing. Most of us want to lose 20 pounds, keep a cleaner house, not yell at the kids, cook a nutritious dinner every night, have a beautiful garden, and save more money. We simply can’t focus on everything at once; our brains aren’t wired that way, and we’re too busy with the house, the kids, our husbands, work, and everything else we need to do. Pick just one thing. Don’t worry; if you can get a grip on one part of your life, then you can start on another after that. For now, though, choose the most pressing item on your list.
  • Put it in writing and be specific. Once you write something down, particularly if it’s somewhere where others will see it (your Facebook status, a Tweet, your blog, on the refrigerator), you might be more likely to stick to it. Also, be specific. “Lose weight” isn’t a good resolution because you have no direction. Instead, write down, “Walk three times weekly and drink only water with meals.” Those little steps will get you started on your goal of losing weight. Whatever your main resolution is, break it up into steps and start with the first one or two specific things.
  • Start early or late. If you have a problem with New Year’s resolutions but want to change something, start today. Or start in the middle of January. Don’t get too hung up on the date; you can still get more organized if you start on December 20 or January 8 instead of January 1.
  • Find an accountability partner. Talk to a friend about keeping each other accountable in your respective journeys. It doesn’t matter what your resolution is or if your friend’s is the same or something completely different. Call a friend this week and ask if she’d let you check in with her each week to talk about your resolutions and how it’s going, and you do the same for her.
  • Be realistic. Getting your cabinets more organized or calling your mother-in-law more regularly is not going to change your life. So, don’t get discouraged if you can’t decide upon the perfect resolution or if, after you start, you fall off the wagon. If you have major problems that need to be solved, you might consider talking to a counselor about tangible steps that you can take in order to solve them but don’t take the idea of a New Year’s resolution too seriously.

It might be fun to come up with a family new year’s resolution. Gather everyone together and talk about what types of things family members would like to change. My own kids want more game nights and monthly family campouts in the living room, so we’ve started integrating those into our routine. Resolutions that inspire more family togetherness are win-win for everyone, so see what you can come up with!

Have you decided on any new year’s resolutions?

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  1. Liza says:

    Ok, I will try to follow these tips. This might work for me. Thanks!

  2. Kelley Norris aka Daisyjane says:

    Great tips..I was just thinking earlier today about what my new year resolutions would be..I think it’s a great idea to focus on just one..maybe then I’ll have more luck at keeping it? Guess only time will tell..

  3. denise smith says:


  4. Kelly R. says:

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

  5. Karina Lee says:

    i need to decide on a new year’s resolution

  6. kris says:

    i’m going to try this seems like i have the same resolution every year

  7. Karen Glatt says:

    These are such good ideas about Having a New Year’s Resolution! It is a good idea to write down what you want to change or a goal that you want to accomplish! There are a few things that I want to change next year! And by writing it down, and keeping myself true to my decision will help!

  8. Candy storm says:

    I enjoyed reading this. It made me see how to simplify a New Years resolution and stick to it. You gave some great pointers. Thank you.

  9. Stephanie Larison says:

    I was just talking about my resolutions this year. My goal is so far away, I need to start off little by little making realistic changes with the weight.

  10. Kelvin Justine says:

    I respect those who makes new year their time for change. But for me it’s really the change itself that counts not the change of the year.

  11. Rebecca Sinclair says:

    This is great. I love your point of choosing just one thing…though I might choose two 🙂 Great tips! You always have excellent, informative blog posts!

  12. Chavonne H says:

    I never make new years resolution’s because I’m constantly doing it all year long lol. I can never seem to stick with anything.

  13. Jennifer Hedden says:

    These are some great tips for sticking with your resolution. I really like the idea of writing it down and being specific about your goals. My New Year’s Resolution will be the same as it is every year to lose weight. Thank you for the great post!

  14. Bonnie says:

    Perfect. I will myself try something this year and pick one realistic achievable goal. Things for the great review

  15. Great tips. I like writing it down with specific, measurable goals and getting some kind of support or accountability partner.

    I’m thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, too, and put a challenge on my blog today to read a book to support your resolution. That can be a helpful way to make sure that the resolve lasts more than a day.

  16. jorjanna hacken says:

    Love these ideas! Thank you.

  17. Anita Leibert says:

    I have never been very successful when making New Years Resolutions, so I’ve decided it’s best not to. I believe that if you truly want to do something, you will do it and it does not need to be New Years.

  18. Cassandra Huber says:

    I know that my resolutions never happen, no matter what I try. I’d love weight loss to be my main goal this year, and I plan to make it my resolution. I just hope I can follow it through.

  19. Sara Wood says:

    I have already thought of my new years resolution and for once it is realistic. I always set goals that are pretty impossible but I want to finish my degree and that is a realistic goal.

  20. alena svetelska says:

    great tips thanks!My new years resolution r mostly similar every year,but have to be realistic i will never have my wedding weight;-)

  21. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    I love your tips, they make sticking to a New Years resolution seem a lot easier. I have never set unrealistic New Years resolutions, however I have never stuck with most of the ones I made. Maybe that could be a New Years resolution for me..sticking to my word.

  22. Shavana says:

    Like your tips alot. The buddy system might work. The writing down part is going to be the difficult challenge for me. Seems I too have roughly the same goal every year haven’t managed it yet, but here’s hoping. Thanks

  23. Rich Hicks says:

    Great tips for sure. I always seem to break mine at some point in the new year. Keeping it simple and working on one or two things is a good idea

  24. Chrystal D says:

    Good tips, thanks! I’ll try them for my quitting smoking resolution!

  25. Angela Reed-Warren says:

    These are great tips, thanks.

  26. Lucy Cober says:

    Definately gotta try again thanks for the great tips hope u have a great holiday and a happy new year.

  27. Tiffany F says:

    Thanks for the tips !! I have never really tried doing the resolution thing but really would like to lose 15lbs by the summer so maybe I will take some of this advice 🙂

  28. chrissy c says:

    These are great ideas! Thank you!

  29. Mandala says:

    I like the idea of keeping New Year’s resolutions simple, realistic and specific. Thanks for this post.

  30. Julie Wood says:

    Making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions has helped me to lose weight. I do not overeat during the Holidays. I watch what I eat and do have some sweets, but I do not eat too much sweets. I am going to make one or two resolutions for next year!

  31. Lydia says:

    I’ve set some goals for myself for the next year and I hope I’m being realistic.

  32. ANN*H says:

    Every start of the new year is like a fresh start for us. Every year I make resolutions but this year I am going to be more realistic and keep the things abit smaller so I can really do them. My goals are to lose weight and eat healthier. I been working on that already after a recent hospital stay. Even little changer for the good or better than none at all. Happy New Years

  33. Tracey B says:

    I am a nurse currently working 2nd shift in med/surg. We rarely take breaks and sometimes grab a bite on the fly, usually of little nutritional value. As of January 7th, I will be working day shift in a different department. My resolution is to lose 25 lbs. I feel working “normal” hours will help keep me on track along with your tips above. Thanks!

  34. Chrystal D says:

    I usually make a small one then when I get that accomplished I add another later in the year!

  35. Rosie says:

    At first glance b/c of the picture, I thought that there would be a list of at least 6!!! This is realistic, and does help to lasso a person into their own goal! I haven’t quite decided what to do b/c I did not accomplish last year’s, so I think I may do the same goal but do this process!!!!

  36. Deb Pelletier says:

    I have to get in good shape. Easier said then done. 🙁

  37. Liz says:

    My resolution is to lose weight, like always. I’m going on vacation in a few weeks too, where I know I will be eating more, so I’d like to lose a few pounds by then.

  38. Huguette English says:

    My resolution is to spend next New Year’s Eve in a more fun place than home 🙂

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