Homemade Facial Masks

| July 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

home made facial maskWe spent most of our day at the beach today and came back with very dry skin because of the salt. The kids and I wanted to use something to reduce the itchiness of our skin so we went to the store. We checked at a few stores and realized that there are not any spa or facial products for kids. Of course, there were preteen cleaning products for acne but nothing for younger kids. We set out to make our own homemade facial mask with all natural ingredients that was safe to put on our face. We would like to share with the readers of Shopaholic Mommy our recipes for a homemade face mask. We made a mask of banana, honey and yogurt. Take one small banana and mash it up. Then add in a teaspoon of honey and yogurt and mix together. Once it has formed into a thick consistency, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or freeze the mixture for 15 minutes. Then, using a make up brush apply several layers to your skin. Leave on for 5 minutes then use a warm towel to remove it from your face. Make sure to get it all off or it will dry on and be hard to get off later. Make sure to put your hair up and a hairband on so that the mixture stays away from your hair. The girls had a great time painting their face. I must admit that the homemade facial mask did leave our skin very smooth. We can’t wait to create another homemade facial mask recipe to share with your soon.

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  1. CYNTHIA says:

    EASY FACE MASK FOR GIRLS to make themselves – good idea!

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