Easy Crock Pot Meatball Recipe

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Easy Crock Pot Meatballs

I have an amazing mom.  Truly one of the best on the planet and I am not biased, I have five siblings who would full-heartedly agree with me.  So, when I come across a meal which is one she happens to love and it’s as easy as this one is, it’s a no-brainer!  Gotta make it and deliver some to her as often as possible.  This is a meal which is also an appetizer or great game day recipe.  My mom came across this recipe at a party and her very dear friend told her how simple it was.  My kids can’t get enough of it either.  So while enjoying those Hawaiian Pork Chops tonight, know that tomorrow’s meal is just as easy to make and is sure to please!

Crock Pot meatballsEasy Crock Pot Meatballs Recipe and Ingredients

• 1 package Italian style meatballs
• 1 jar (32oz) Grape Jelly
• 1 jar (32oz) BBQ sauce

Directions:  Place meatballs in cock pot,  cover evenly with grape jelly then pour BBQ sauce over top.  Be sure meatballs are all evenly covered with sauce.  Cook on high for 4 hours.

These tasty little treats can be served over rice or put in some fresh hoagie rolls for mini sandwiches.  My kids are getting oven roasted veggies as a side dish.  I just cut up some asparagus, sweet bell peppers of all colors, red onion, squash, zucchini and toss it in some virgin olive oil and sprinkle salt to taste.  Cook in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.  This is my “go to” veggie side dish that my kids can’t get enough of.  Try it out.  My veggies are washed, cut-up and waiting in my fridge in a ziploc bag ready to toss in the oven.  YUM! For more Crock Pot Recipes…..

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