Best store bought Hummus

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hummus and veggiesHummus is a delicious and nutritious snack option.  Hummus is made by combining chick peas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini (a sesame-seed paste.)  It’s packed with protein and fiber, and can be low in fat if you pick the right brand.  Remember however that low fat doesn’t always mean big taste.

The best value for pre-package hummus is Hannah Classic, sold at Costco.  It cost just .19 per 2 tablespoons and has 80 calories (7 g fat,) and 125 mg of sodium.  It has an average taste…slightly chalky with a moderate tahini and garlic flavor.  One of the best tasting is Cedar’s Naturally Delicious original.  It costs .34 per 2 tablespoons with just 60 calories (4.5 g fat) and 115 mg of sodium.  It is thick and creamy with balanced, clean flavors and moderate tahini. Sabra Classic costs .42 per 2 tbsps., 70 calories (6 g fat,) and 120 mg sodium  It’s creamy with moderate tahini and a lot of garlic flavor.

You can also make your own hummus quite easily.  In a blender or food processor blend 4 garlic cloves, 6-7 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, and 3 tablespoons water for 30 to 60 seconds. Add a 19-ounce can of chickpeas (drained) and 1/3 cup tahini. With the blender or processor running, add in ¼ cup olive oil. Purée until smooth, adding more water if needed. Stir in 1 teaspoon salt. Makes approx. 2 cups.

Do you have an easy and delicious hummus recipes you could share? Also, what is your favorite thing to eat with hummus – pita chips, carrots, tortilla chips other veggies?

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