Tips on Making Moving Easier on Your Family

| August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

147777128Spring and summer are the seasons when people tend to move. The real estate market often picks up during the warmer weather, and it’s often easier for families to move during the summer, when the kids are done with school. My family is currently moving, and I’m seeing that it can be stressful on the kids as well as on the adults! Here are some things that I’ve found are making the move easier:

  • Tell the kids ahead of time. In many families, house-hunting will be done all together, but sometimes parents want to handle it on their own. Kids need to hear about the move from you, though, not from a teacher or a friend, so be sure to tell them as things are happening, in an age-appropriate way.

  • Let them have as much input as feasible. Obviously you and your partner will be choosing the home and community, but your child might have some wishes that you may be able to honor. A young child might simply be concerned with the color of her room, but an older child or teen might be concerned with the home’s proximity to friends or to the mall. Don’t make promises, but let them know that you’ll keep their preferences in mind.

  • Start the packing process early… but not too early. Packing can be very stressful, and the house will be in some semblance of chaos during the days that you are boxing up your belongings. Start early and get the seldom-used items out of the way. Don’t pack your child’s favorite toys until closer to moving day, though.

  • Let them help pack if they’re able to. Little children can fill a box with stuffed animals, and school-aged kids can label boxes for each room. Giving them a job in the process helps them to feel useful and needed during this potentially confusing time.

  • Let them help get the new house ready. My daughter has enjoyed helping my husband replace some flooring in our new house, and both kids have been happy to pick out paint colors for their new bedrooms. Once the boxes and furniture arrive in the new home, they can help put their own rooms together. This can help the new house feel more like home.

  • Give them time to say goodbye to friends if you are moving to a new city or state. A goodbye party might be appreciated, or perhaps one last girls’ day or boys’ day out with their friends. Help younger kids find ways to stay in touch, maybe via email, Skype, phone calls or snail mail.

  • Plan something fun right after the move. After spending weeks surrounded by boxes, you’re eager to unpack, but your kids probably need to have some fun. Explore a new park, check out the bowling alley or movie theater near your new home, or spend a few hours browsing in a new-to-you shopping mall.

  • Make sure kids know where they’re going. Give older kids a map of the area, and take a few walks with little ones to help them to become oriented to their new surroundings.

Moving can take a toll on anyone, and it can be particularly stressful for children. Make sure that you give them time to talk and listen to their concerns during the process.

Have you found ways to lessen the stress of moving?

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