The Benefits of Music Lessons

| July 24, 2016 | 40 Comments

Boy learning pianoLearning to play an instrument is a common activity for children, and in some families it is even expected. There are many reasons why parents might want their kids to have music lessons; a child might express an interest in a particular instrument, or a parent may have fond memories of their own childhood music lessons. My daughter recently expressed interest in playing the guitar, and she started lessons a few weeks ago. I’ve been really happy with how she’s progressing, and I’m impressed with her fledgling ability to read music, as this is not something that I ever learned how to do.

You may not realize, as I didn’t, that music lessons have some real concrete benefits for your child beyond simply developing a talent, giving him something fun to do, or instilling an appreciation for music. Here are a few of the important reasons why you may want to consider music lessons for your child, if you haven’t already.

Music lessons help your child succeed in school.

Studies have shown that musical training helps train and strengthen different parts of the brain. Musical education helps develop the parts of the brain that are used for language and reasoning skills, and also the part responsible for spatial intelligence. One study even found an IQ increase of 2.5 points in six-year-olds after a year of music lessons. Students who learn how to read music and play instruments have been shown to do better on SAT tests and to make better grades overall. Clearly, music lessons can give your child an academic advantage.

Music lessons promote teamwork.

Most children who study a musical instrument eventually end up in a band, an orchestra, or group lessons. Learning to play an instrument along with a group is an important aspect of musical studies. The experience of having to be perfectly in harmony with an assortment of other people is a natural exercise in the importance of teamwork, as well as in the mechanics of being a good team player. Children who study music will find themselves well-prepared for a lifetime of working closely with other people.

Music lessons increase confidence and self-discipline.
Another important aspect of music lessons is that they teach children to perform – after all, what is the point of learning an instrument if not to play it for others? Performing, by necessity, requires confidence. A music student builds the necessary confidence to perform by diligently training and practicing the instrument until he becomes proficient enough to be able to perform with confidence. He learns that the discipline of hard work and diligence leads to not only competence, but also an earned sense of confidence in his abilities. Children who learn this lesson in music class can apply it to other parts of their lives; they will  know that if they practice discipline, they will have the abilities they need to succeed, as well as the confidence to perform with those abilities.

As you can see, music lessons are a great idea for all kinds of reasons. The benefits of a musical education are significant, and they are benefits that will last a lifetime.

Does your child play a musical instrument? Which one?

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  1. Crystal Irvin says:

    I miss taking lessons, and I plan on encouraging my nieces to take up an instrument when they get old enough

  2. Lucy Black says:

    I was lucky enough to study very very young a quitar for 4 years, from 7 to 11. I wish all the children could do this as well, the musical education is indeed a great benefit. Wonderful post, bravo!

  3. Renski says:

    There was just a news article about the benefits of music lesson. I fondly recall learning to play the violin and love classical music to this day.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    I totally agree! Music enriches a child’s life. I inherited my love for music as a child and made sure the same thing happened for my son. 🙂

  5. Yay!
    My Mom “forced” my older brother and I to take piano lessons when we were young, and thank goodness she did! Because I learned to read music, I was able to pick up a guitar years later and teach myself!

  6. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the info!

  7. Carrie says:

    I do not have any children, but I played piano for 8 years growing up and it was a great hobby for me!

  8. gina valley says:

    Music teaches kids so many great things. It gives them a group to hang out with, too, which is another good thing.

  9. Rebecca says:

    My kids recently started music lessons in instruments they expressed interest in. My oldest daughter is learning the violin and my 2nd daughter, the flute. They are really enjoying it so far, and I think they are learning discipline for sure.

  10. I took piano for 12 years, and although nothing much came out of it, I’m glad I did, it benefited me in many ways! Now my 4 year old is taking piano, she does enjoy it and we’re doing it for fun. She chose the instrument herself! 🙂

  11. Erin says:

    I took piano lessons for about 9 years, starting when I was 5 years old. Taking up a form of music is great not only in the ways you mentioned, but it’s also a really good stress reliever!

  12. Edward H. Reinholtz says:

    When I was younger I played and Practiced an hour a day on 2 instruments a piano and an Accordion . I taught myself how to play piano while I was taking accordion lessons and then got a teacher .

  13. Veronica Lee says:

    My son plays the violin and performing at recitals gives him great confidence. I noticed he’s also more disciplined.

  14. Eliza-Ligia says:

    Music is great for kids — our parents taught us all to play at least one instrument.

  15. chelesa sims says:

    My dad tried to teach me to play the drums when i was 9 but i didnt like them. Its kind of wired now my daughter is playing drums being taught by my husband however is likes them . i do think children that are exposed to music helps them become smater

  16. I played a few different instruments and really loved it. Unfortunately, where we live now there is no music program in our schools and lessons are hard to find.

  17. Rusu Alexandru says:

    I love to sing and play the piano. I have found memories of my mom teaching me! It is important to pass on music education

  18. Karina Lee says:

    this is a great article

  19. Jessica says:

    I agree 110%.

    My children are all starting piano lessons this year. I truly believe that music lessons give children confidence, discipline and will help them with school in the long run.

    My children are all veer shy and come alive when they play music.

  20. sheila musselman askins says:

    our school starts music lessons in 4th grade..and my daughter cant wait to start! it worries me that with funding cuts etc. that schools will lose their music programs!

  21. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I sadly have no musical talents but I am determined that my children will! That is if they want to! My 10 yr old step daughter really wants to learn how to play guitar. My other daughter is only 16 months old and I’ve never ever seen a kid who loves to dance so much. Not kidding – she’ll dance to the sound of the dishwasher, washing machine – anything!

  22. Marianne Reeher says:

    This is so nice,i’ll always want my children to be interested in music.I love listening to people play the piano.

  23. Rebekah Shaver says:

    Thanks for the reminder about music lessons! My 2nd grade son has been BEGGING for piano lessons, and I need to get on the ball!! 🙂

  24. Joanne J says:

    I am considering on the musical instrument, either piano or violin

  25. Michelle F. says:

    I always wanted to take piano lessons as a kid but never got the chance too. Will definately be getting my daughter lessons when she is older.

  26. Alicia Ponce says:

    I agree and wish I would of done this for my son when he was younger. He just learned from practice but lessons would of been so helpful.

  27. Cujo says:

    Very interesting – I’m going to look into this further.

  28. Dandi D says:

    As a music teacher myself, I would agree with this post and recommend it!

  29. Lisa F. says:

    Music and animals have been passions all my life. I was going to do one or the other in life, so I went the animal care path. But my love of music carries on. My dad’s a musician and at 64, he’s still playing, even if it isn’t full time. I took trumpet lessons in 5th grade, then guitar lessons after high school, so I know the importance of music lessons.

  30. Hannah C says:

    This was an interesting read. I agree with all of the above. I don’t know how to play music but I’m going to take lessons soon. When I have children of my own, I’ll surely want them to learn as well.

  31. melanie ramey says:

    hmmm I never really knew all that. Thanks for the good info. My daughter has wanted to try piano

  32. growing up I played a few different instruments. None of which I mastered, but I had fun anyways. I was really sad when my children were growing up and there was no local music lessons available. the closest were over an hours drive away

  33. Ashley Parks says:

    We definitely believe in the benefit of music lessons! My little one is has been in Kindermusik for 6 months now and I’ve already seen her become more confident because of it! She even asked Santa for a little piano and a drum! 🙂

  34. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I never got to take music lessons myself but I do have my daughter in piano. I think music builds structure in our lives!

  35. joann tompkins winborn says:

    I highly endorse music classes of any kind for kids. It helps their development in so many great ways. Thanks for posting this!

  36. Cecelia Sanders says:

    Music is a huge part of my family life.

  37. juli guthrie says:

    My boys want instruments (guitar and drums) but I wonder if they will stick to the lessons..

  38. Lulu says:

    It’s absolutely true! Some kids are not into sports, music lessons help them achieving self-confidence and discipline.

  39. Jenn says:

    I completely agree that music lessons are important. I didnt have the opportunity while I was young and I am thinking about now taking piano lessons at the age of 43

  40. InezbyDesign says:

    My grandson has just taken up piano lessons and is loving them. I am going to pass on this article to his parents to continue to encourage him to play! Thanks.

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