Sex Advice from Dr Oz

| August 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

sick husbandWe are big fans of Dr. Oz and on a recent episode of extra he gave some tips he suggests on how to improve your sex life. Dr. Oz noted that one of the main reason people are not having sex is because on of the partners snores which keeps the other person awake. I can attest to this, my husband was tested for sleep apnea and was diagnosed with it. The doctor told us that the decibel level in our bedroom when he snored was the equivalent to the noise 5-10 people would make at a cocktail party. No wonder I could not sleep! He now has a gear that he sleeps with that helps stop the snoring. Back to Dr. Oz, his solution for controlling sleep apnea is to learn to play the Australian didjeridu. “There’s something called a dijeridu,” Dr. Oz explained. “It’s a long instrument that you [blow]. It helps with sleep apnea because it builds up these muscles so they get stronger and they don’t collapse when you fall asleep.”

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