Saving Money on Kids’ Haircuts

| January 29, 2013 | 19 Comments

Boy getting a haircutHow much do you pay for kids’ haircuts? My son, who used to be happy with my home-haircuts, has recently informed me that he would like to have his hair cut by a professional. Since he is a pre-teen and has his own sense of style, I agreed that that would be fine… then had some sticker shock when I was presented the bill for his rather simple haircut! While I don’t want to force him to accept my amateur hair-cutting skills, I did tell him that we need to find a more affordable way of having his ‘do done. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • Go to a beauty school. Not me, but him… for his haircut! Students at cosmetology schools need heads to practice on. In the beginning of their training, the heads belong to mannequins, but after they’ve practiced on those for a while, they look for living, breathing heads. The cost for cuts is lower than what you’d pay at a typical salon, and you usually get the whole salon experience, with a shampoo, style and blow-dry. An instructor keeps an eye on the process and will give advice as needed.
  • Skip the extras. Part of the high bill that you pay at the salon is for the shampoo, conditioning, style and blow-dry. If you skip those options and ask for “just the cut,” it can lower your bill significantly. Your stylist will simply spray your child’s hair with water before cutting, and she’ll leave with her hair damp. If you’re not on your way to a special occasion, why pay extra for a hairstyle that she’ll wash out the next day anyway?
  • Look for coupons and special deals. You can search for “coupons”+ the name of your salon on any search engine. You could also call the salon and ask if they are running any promotions. If you aren’t loyal to one particular salon, simply look through the circulars that come in the mail or with your Sunday newspaper.
  • Learn to cut hair yourself. Invest in a pair of good scissors and clippers, and hone your skills on your child. I speak from experience when I say that this works best with kids who are old enough to sit still, but not old enough to notice a slightly crooked cut. For boys, simple all-one-length cuts with the clippers are the easiest. For girls, keeping the hair at least chin-length and cutting straight across seems to be the most simple.

What are some ways that you’ve been able to save money on kids’ haircuts?

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  1. Mary Dailey says:

    Lots of people use the beauty school here to get their hair cut and I would have never known it. You can even ask for someone who is about to complete their course.

  2. Heather says:

    Good money saving ideas here! Hair can get pricey.

  3. Christina Kelbel says:

    I just took my 4 year old to JCPenney for a free haircut a couple weeks ago. Free haircuts for kids every sunday!

  4. my grand-son comes to me for a hair cut–I got some real good clippers and likes a burrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maddie K. says:

    I have another money saving suggestion. Find a barber shop and have his hair cut there. They won’t wash it, nor style it, but they will cut it and if he wants it they will gel it. I send my husband to a barber shop in our town that has a few guys and one girl that works there and the cost for his twice monthly haircut is just $8 each time. A FAR cry cheaper than going to a salon.

  6. Renski says:

    Yes – JCP is a deal. I may try a barber shop, though.

  7. Raul James Bugahod says:

    Saving Money on Kids’ Haircuts, I will definitely have a child’s haircut in this age level.

  8. Penda says:

    teenagers! (ha, as if i’m not one myself)
    well, i always get my hair cut by a professional.
    my own doing simply doesn’t cut it.
    well, if it’s just trimming then i dont usually go to the cutters.
    i let a reliable friend do it for me.

  9. MD Kennedy says:

    I seem to get the best deal for my kids’ hair at the local, old-time barber shop: fast, clean, and well-priced. Nothing fancy needed and it is great to support a long-time local business.

  10. Mark Ryan Almonte says:

    That’s great!!!

  11. Lamar Bowen says:

    Been cutting my own hair for a few years but when I need a really good cut I will spring for a barber.

  12. ANN*H says:

    I cut my kids hair all the time to. But I can understand that once they get to be pre-teen they want to go to a salon. They want to be in style. When I go -which isnt but maybe once a year if that -I cut my own hair too. I always tell them just cut it – no washing or style needed. It is cheaper.

  13. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I have done just what you have suggested – gone for the basic haircut, used coupons, etc.

  14. Zach W says:

    I remember my dad accidentally cut a chunk of hair off my head, so he had to even it out. It was horrible.

  15. denise smith says:

    my sister cuts my kids hair so im very lucky i dont need to pay to have it done

  16. my son always wanted a buzz cut so we did it at home. I mean really it is very easy. well this one time he decided that he wanted to go where daddy got his hair cut. Only this decision was at 4:55 (the shop closed at 5) after my husband already started the cut. My son was throwing a fit and would not let my husband touch him. I would have let him carry on until he got over it, but we had to go out that night and had no time to spare. Thank goodness the owner’s daughter agreed to wait for us to finish the “daddy do” at the barber shop. Crisis averted.

  17. Rama says:

    Hair cuts are pricey these days! even for a buzz cuts or crew cuts just DIY!

  18. steve mccuan says:

    My grand mother always cut my hair

  19. April Habiger says:

    I love the couponing part thats what I usually do or have my friend who does work at a Salon do it on her own time so I pay 50% of the price if that! This is great information.

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