Royal Wedding Unhappy Flower Girl

| April 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

brideOne of the biggest headlines this morning following the Royal Wedding is “The Unhappiest person at the Royal Wedding” and it shows a picture of the flower girl on the balcony while William and Catherine kiss. The flower girl has a very grumpy look on her face probably from how loud the cheering was. My daughter is going to be a flower girl in an upcoming wedding and I can’t wait to see how she acts. She was a flower girl in a wedding last year and she did pretty well but I do have some tips on how to try to make it go smoothly.

How to Avoid an Unhappy Flower Girl

1. The day of the Rehearsal do not keep the flower girl out to late. This will make for a cranky kid the next day
2. The day of the wedding try let the flower girl relax and have a regular day up until the wedding events start. If they request that the flower girl get there 2-3 hours before the wedding to get ready with all the bridesmaids make sure you take a lot of supplies. First, Mom take your dress with you so that you can stay there and get ready with your flower girl. Second, take a DVD player or Ipad to keep the flower girl entertained. Third, take dry snacks that will not stain such as goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, apple slices, and carrots.
3. Try to get the flower girl to take a nap the day of the wedding
4. Go with the flow if your daughter does not know anyone in the wedding party stay with her up until the wedding coordinator starts lining everyone up to process down the isle. Do not stress her out!
5. Again if your daughter does not know anyone once the ceremony is over wait at the back of the church so that once the wedding party processes back that you are there with her. Of course you have to stay for pictures so make sure you have a brush and a snack on hand because pictures can take a while.
6. At the wedding reception when the wedding party processes in wait with her until she is called if she seems nervous. I really just see how she is acting and if she is cool with me leaving I don’t go to far but I let her have her independence – she is the flower girl!

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  1. MADDIE K says:

    I actually like photo’s where the children are grumpy or not acting all happy. It always makes for conversational photographs.

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