PBS KIDS Summer Reading Challenge

| June 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

PBS KIDS Summer Reading ChallengeI just signed my kids up for the PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge. Today is Day 1 Challenge so its the perfect time to sign up! Receive tips and ideas on ways to keep your kids reading all summer long.

Our day 1 Assignment: Turn reading into a fun social activity — start a summer book club for your kids. Book clubs are a fun way to explore books and foster a love of reading in your kids. What is the best part about a book club? It’s getting together with friends and talking about a book you’ve all read. This summer, start a book club with your kids. You can take turns choosing books to read, and find time for snacks and conversation about the book! There are ideas of how to get started and they break it up by age group. Read More.

This is a free 6-week program to help children discover the joys of reading. You’ll receive: A daily email with fun activities to build reading skills; Tricks and advice from your Challenge coach; Great book suggestions for kids of all ages; Tips from other parents taking the challenge; A chance to win daily prizes.Sign up at iVillage | PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge!

PBS has great resources for parents: Games, Parent Resources and to get you started Bookfinder.

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