Shopping for a Car

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Hey Mom’s….Are you in the market for a new car?

couple car shoppingWith the end of September rapidly approaching; this means the end of the vehicle model year. Today buying a car is as easy as the click of a mouse. You go to the dealership website, build your vehicle, and look at the window sticker, and then the internet manager contacts you via email. You go to the dealership the very next day with a down payment, sign some papers and off you go with your shiny new vehicle.   This sounds really easy and simple…right??

However, before you decide to pack up the family and go for a test drive there’s something you should know. How would you feel if I told you that by just spending $39.95 you could save thousands? Well I did and you can too with Fighting Chance! My husband and I are two of the 116,479 national customers that Fighting Chance has helped.

For starters, Fighting Chance is the sole resource that uncovers the whole truth about “dealer cost.”NO MORE NEGOTIATING!!!! Fighting Chance provides you a document that educates you, little by little on exactly how to get the best price available for the new car you want.  The main philosophy “you don’t make offers to them. They make offers to you!”

Is doesn’t matter if you prefer to lease or buy, the Fighting Chance package educated you on exactly how to conduct the bidding processes targeting the best price available- word for word.

The founder of Fighting Chance is James Bragg. He has invested over 18 years and 60,000 working hours as a consumer advocate on new –car buying and leasing. He created Fighting Chance because of his strong feelings for finding and conveying truths that no one else is revealing about car dealerships. He provides the insight on the two key elements that make this the most distinctive and valuable consumer information service. His package includes both MSRP and dealer invoice prices.

My husband & I have used Fighting Chance for our last two vehicles and have highly recommended to family and friends. We will not make another vehicle purchase without investing $39.95 for the Fighting Chance packet. Just spending $39.95 can save you thousands!!!

I recommend you read the testimonials at

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