Kids and Facebook

| June 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

facebook signup pageConsumer Reports recently cited that over 7.5 million of its users are younger than the minimum age of 13 which is required to be on Facebook. Of that number they say 5 million users are under the age of ten which is a very scary statistic. We monitor every thing that our kids do while surfing online and Facebook is out of the question. Kids are very trusting and think that it is ok to post random photos of themselves and information about that unfortunately could be seen by people that have no business seeing it. There are so many privacy risks on Facebook that I am even leery to post information about myself. Consumer Reports did a survey in June 2011 that found “In the past year, the use of Facebook has exposed more than five million online U.S. households to some type of abuse including virus infections, identity theft, and — for a million children — bullying”. Our ultimate goal as parents so be to keep our children safe online and offline. What will you do about your kids and Facebook?

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