Hurricane Irene

| August 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

evacuation route signAh, the joy of hurricane season is upon us here in south Florida. Hurricane Irene is now a category 2 hurricane and it has decided to make a visit somewhere on the east coast of the Untied States. The predicted track takes the storm anywhere from Florida to Virginia between Friday and Saturday. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said it could become a monstrous Category 3 or 4 storm by the time it hits the United States, possibly landing in between Florida and South Carolina.

What should we be doing now? Check you supplies and if you need to buy anything go soon before all the last minute shoppers go. Having a weather radio is a big help because once the power goes out you can use that to listen to AM, FM or the weather stations. Florida residents are being urged to ensure they have batteries, drinking water, food and other supplies. A proper supply of water includes one gallon of water per person, per day, to cover a week. Have a record of all your important documents especially your homeowners policy. Most schools in south Florida started today and there is no word yet as to what the schools will do. School buses cannot run in winds more than 40 miles per hour so there is no official decision as to whether it will be a short first week of school.

What can you do to keep your kids calm during this time? Last time there was a hurricane my daughter was 4 and we stayed busy coloring and making puzzles. This time around I have two kids and I can tell you that all day they have heard the buzz about a possible hurricane. I let them watch the hurricane updates with me and make sure to answer their questions once it is over. There is still a lot of uncertainty about where the storm will land but as long as I stay calm they take their cues from me. If the storm does head our way I will make sure to charge all gameboys and ipods so they can use them during the storm because it helps distract them from all the wind and rain noises as they hit the shutters. I am also going to check our supply of coloring books and maybe even get some playdough.

Lets prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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