Helping With The Stress of School Tests

| May 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

boy studyingWhether it is state standardized testing or end of the year finals, school tests are inevitable. With each test comes a lot of stress, worry and anxiety for many children and their families. In some states a student’s score can result in pass or fail of their grade level.

Not to date myself, but I will…I don’t ever remember having this much pressure to do well starting in the 3rd grade. It’s almost scary how much stress and pressure is put on the students to do well. While taking tests are never easy the never ending pressure for school performance is also taking a toll on teachers.

The more parents I talk to and the articles I read it just reflects how much times have changed since the 80’s. I have a good friend, whose daughter is a high school senior and she shared with me that getting into college is becoming harder and harder each year. Some state universities are requiring entering freshman to have almost a 5.0! Yikes!!! (I guess we need to put our kids in Honors and AP classes starting in preschool…)

With all joking aside, the stress of standardized testing can be very worrisome for children. Here are a few tips to help your child feel less stress. There is no cure for test stress, but helpful tips can ease their mind and hope to ease some pressure.

  • Get Proper Rest: With our busy paced lives, children get out of school, rush to daycare and then off to their extracurricular activities. Often times this can cause for a much later bed time. However, it’s suggested to get your child to bed early on any/all testing days. They need time to wind down and turn off their brain.
  • Celebrate with Praise: Hug and kisses the day of the test are a must. Explain to your child that no matter what you’ll always love them and that you believe in them…just try you’re very best.
  • Breakfast: My mother has always said “That breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And this holds true especially on “test days.” You don’t want to sit taking a test and have stomach cramps or a headache from hunger. You want to eat a breakfast full of brain power! Peanut butter is a great choice.

What is the purpose of this test? It is important for your child to know “why” they need to take the test and its importance. However, they should also know that this is only part of who they are academically. The goal is to try and avoid a negative mind set because that will factor into the students performance = more stress!

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