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| November 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

teaching cprDue to the upcoming girl scout camping trip, the leaders, including myself, were required to update their CPR certification.  I was lucky enough to know a family friend who has a business in this field.  I set up a small class with her and we met up to refresh our previous training.  I was amazed at how much I got out of this class.  At first, I thought it was due to the fact that, while I was not a current CPR card holder, I have been on several different occasions in the past.  If I had to guess, I think I have been trained at least six separate times during my life.  Between becoming a babysitter, being a girl scout and eventually as a parent I have always found this training important in every phase of my life.  I can remember my mom having a class in her own family room when one of her grandchildren was born with a health concern, which luckily was outgrown.  I think that each time you have a refresher course, not only are you trained in current techniques, but you are also building on your confidence with the repeated exposure.

Our trainer, Ronda Ayala, told us that “eighty percent of the time, CPR is used, it is used on someone in your own family.”  That means that many of the schools, organizations and even corporations which train their people in CPR end up allowing their members to save the lives of their own loved ones.  Ronda also stated that you need to be prepared since “you never know you will need CPR, until you need it.”  As mothers, I think it is important to have any and all tools we can to keep our families safe.  CPR training could be a life saving one, for sure!

This class certainly gave me peace of mind as well.  The one thing I had never been trained in or exposed to was the AED machine, which is practically fool proof.  Our trainer had a machine on site and allowed us to hear the instructions, showed us how to apply the adhesive pads and also informed us when we would need to be sure everyone was clear of the person receiving the medical attention.  That in itself was worth the entire training experience.  Not only did it give me the confidence that I could successfully administer this life saving machine but I also now know that if it was ever my child who was in need of this machine, it could be easily done by anyone.  That is such a relief to know.  It talks you through every step of the way.  I know that it was recently used for a student in our own, Palm Beach County School District, and that child’s life was saved.  When I heard the news report, the teacher credited with saving a life stated that the machine talked them through every step until the paramedics arrived.  Hearing that report and then going through the training first hand made me more at ease with how beneficial the machine truly is.

As a mother, I recommend you take a class to get certified in CPR.  Better yet, have one at your house and include all your babysitters and caregivers to participate.  Only good can come from it.. maybe even life saving good.


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  1. Mark Totman says:

    Check out the cpr app on both the Apple App Store (free) and the Droid Market. It shows you the steps of CPR and then provides a means to practice.

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