Happy Father’s Day

| June 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads’ and granddads’ out there !

I especially want to thank my dad for being such a wonderful and strong influence in my life. He always encouraged us to be anything we wanted and of course to “pay attention to what you are doing”! He taught me how to drive defensively, how to always pay attention to my surroundings and of course he set the standard very high for what I excepted men to be like. Thank you did for being so wonderful! It warms my heart to see you with your grandkids and how “papa” is wrapped around their finger! Thank you for your love!

And to the father of my children, thank you for being a kind and loving husband and father. Thank you for the way you love us and for NEVER leaving the house without a kiss and ‘I love you’ for all of us! You are a wonderful influence on our kids (most of the time) and you always put our family first. Thank you for living in a house full of X chromosomes (including the cat) and for never complaining about it. Thank you telling me that you wanted our girls to look just like me because you love me so much (you got your wish)! Thank you for allowing us to drag you around on our adventures no matter where they take us. We love you and appreciate everything you do for us not just today but everyday!

Did you get dad any special gifts this year? Our guy only asked for cologne which made it pretty easy on us to shop for. Grandpa as usual does not want anything but to be surrounded by family and he even took the grandkids for a special trip to costco yesterday which sounded like a food fest. I don’t know about you but it is never easy to but a father’s day gift for them because they seems to buy everything for themselves on the spot!

How will you celebrate for the father in your life? We have a special brunch planned with fruit, spanish omlettes, muffins, prosciutto and melon and other yummy treats! For lunch we are having a Truduken that the guys picked out months ago from Costco and are excited to see what it tastes like! How does your dad like to spend father’s day??

Hope you have a wonderful father’s day!

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