Funny Things Kids Say

| November 4, 2011 | 1 Comment

whispering“Mom, which kind of cereal kills you?”

This was the question called out to me from the back seat this morning.  For the life of me I cannot think of what they were watching before we left the house on tv that brought on this conversation.  I cannot imagine it came from the animated feature film we were watching but anything is possible these days.

Can anyone guess what my kids were asking about?  Certainly breakfast food is not lethal these days. Admittedly some are high in sugar content, but nothing that would kill them.  Surprisingly, I knew right away what they were talking about… serial, not cereal.  Somewhere they simply heard the term “serial killers” and immediately associated it with the same sounding word used in their lives.  How many times have your kids pulled a question seemingly out of thin air that made you laugh?

My youngest does it the most.  When she has a cold, she comes up with the cutest ones.  The first time she woke up and was not feeling her best she took her little hands and held my face until we made eye contact and told me, quite seriously “Mom, there are spiders in my throat.”  Now anytime there is a sore throat in our house, that is the expression we use to best explain.

Just the other day she woke me up in the middle of the night.  She had a stuffy nose and she informed me that there was a “snake in her nose.”  Should I be concerned with all the references to insects and reptiles that she uses?  I think that her brother and their animal shows on tv can take credit for her description choice.  I thoroughly enjoy the way my kids come up with their own little ways to communicate.  Two of my three children have the most adorable way of telling me that the love me.  One says “all the much” and the other says “in the most.”

So the next time a phrase that comes out of their mouth makes you laugh… write it down.  It will be even cuter when you read it years later when your little ones aren’t so little anymore.

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  1. I was convinced once that Froot Loops would kill me. I was in college and ate most of a box, washing it down with Mountain Dew, while doing an all-nighter prepping for an exam. I thought I was going to die by morning.

    Ya gotta love what kids say–and they say it with such sincerity. They really are fun little critters…when they aren’t being terrors, I mean. 🙂

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