February 20th is Hoodie-Hoo Day

| February 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

452379501If you live in the north then you are probably pretty tired of the winter. Snow storm after snow storm has pummeled the Northern Hemisphere and many residents are looking forward to spring. February 20th is Hoodie-Hoo Day. This fun holiday helps the north say goodbye to the winter so that they can welcome the spring.

What It Is: On Hoodie-Hoo Day, participants step outside at noon and yell “Hoodie-Hoo!” while waving their hands in the air. This symbolizes chasing winter away so spring can come in.

Dealing With The Cold: Even if the warm weather doesn’t roll in on Hoodie-Hoo Day there are some things that you can do to deal with the cold weather:

Just embrace it. Even though you are probably sick of all the cold and snow, it won’t be here that much longer and before you know it, you will be wishing for some cold weather in the scorching summer months. Make a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight. When the weather is terrible, all you can do is try to have a little bit of fun with it.

Plan a trip. If you are dreaming of the sun and warm weather, make it a reality. Plan a trip to a warm place. It can be as simple as taking the family to Disney World or going on a Caribbean cruise. Even if you can’t leave for a quick vacation tomorrow, you can still plan a quick vacation and give yourself something to look forward too.

Sign up for a class. Have you noticed that the more you dwell on something, the worse it makes it? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and hating the cold, distract yourself by signing up for a class. It can be anything from a pottery class at your local community center or a history class at a nearby college. Just make sure it’s something you are interested in and will want to go too even when the temperatures dip down close to zero.

Visit a nearby town. I know you are probably sick of seeing snow, but you might find that it’s much more pleasant at a nearby town. Doing a little bit of exploring in a new city might actually lift your spirits just enough to get through the remainder of winter.

In addition to waving their hands in the air on Hoodie-Hoo day, some participants will really try to get rid of winter by waving bathing suits and beach towels in the air. If you are in the north and have literally had it up to your knees in snow, just remember that in just a few short weeks a lot of this weather will be gone and spring will be here.

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